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This article's subject relates to Season 5 of 24.This article's subject relates to Season 6 of 24.

Marcy Reynolds was a Homeland Security intelligence agent during Day 5 and a CTU Los Angeles agent in Day 6. She often relayed messages, and on occasion added some valuable information.

Day 5[]


Marcy speaks with Chloe at 12:16am

At 12:16am, Chloe O'Brian was shocked that she wasn't notified of a meeting in the situation room, and asked Marcy what it was about. Marcy said only that it was a "Class 3" briefing. Since Marcy knew nothing else, Chloe then asked an attendee, Shari Rothenberg, about the meeting.

Marcy later informed Karen Hayes that President Charles Logan was waiting on the line.

Day 6[]

Marcy informed Nadia Yassir at 6:41am that Bill Buchanan was on the line; Bill had just handed over Jack Bauer to Abu Fayed. Minutes after 7am she informed Bill Buchanan that Jack was on the line, calling after his escape from Abu Fayed. She also informed Nadia Yassir that Fayed called to inquire about the satellite tracking his location positioned by Morris O'Brian. At 4:07pm she connected Buchanan to Jack, who was calling CTU from nearby the Grandmont Hotel.

At around 7:45pm Bill Buchanan told her to coordinate with LAPD around the perimeter where the drone for the third suitcase nuke was being piloted from. She was active at CTU throughout the rest of the day. At 2:06am she turned over the transcripts of Marilyn Bauer's statement to Chloe, interrupting a tense exchange involving Milo and Morris. Later at about 4:13am, Nadia ordered Marcy to notify LAPD and the CTU ground teams to give Mike Doyle and Josh Bauer more space, to ensure that a deal with Phillip Bauer to trade Josh for the FB subcircuit board would be successful. She soon transferred a call from Karen Hayes to Nadia's cell phone, and then at around 4:47, she put Jack on speakerphone for the report on Doyle's injuries and Phillip Bauer's kidnapping of his grandson Josh Bauer.

Background information and notes[]

  • Marci Michelle played Jackie until the gas attack during Day 5. Marci Michelle then returned with a different hairstyle and new clothes, and was credited as Homeland Security staffer Marcy. The actress returned as Marci Lamont with the FBI in Season 7.

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