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This article's subject relates to 24: Live Another Day.

Mariana was a CIA worker during Day 9. She often dealt with personnel and administrative matters while reporting directly to Section Chief Steve Navarro.

Prior to Day 9[]

Mariana worked at the London CIA office under Section Chief Steve Navarro and was friendly with Kate Morgan.

Day 9[]

Mariana stopped by the office of Kate Morgan to remind her that she needed her passcodes and decryption keys by the end of the week, before Kate was transferred out of the London office. Morgan asked Mariana what was going on in the main room, where Navarro and Jordan Reed were at work on a mission. Mariana told Kate that they were working on capturing a high-value suspect. When Kate suggested that it could have to do with the U.S. President being in town, Mariana said that would be speculation.

Later on, Mariana was asked by Navarro to send Jack Bauer's personnel file over to Mark Boudreau, which she did.

Mariana arrived outside of the interrogation room where Jack Bauer was being held and delivered the transfer order from Mark Boudreau to have Jack moved to Special Activities.

Mariana was inside the London CIA office when Jack Bauer caused an explosion while escaping with Chloe O'Brian.

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