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Marijuana — an illegal drug generally smoked recreationally for its psychoactive effects — was smoked by several people during Day 1, Day 3, and Day 4.

Day 1 Edit

Teri Bauer found a few joints in the bedroom of Kim Bauer after she escaped from the Bauer family home to a party with Janet York, Rick Allen, and Dan Mounts.

Later that night, Dan and Rick smoked marijuana as well. Kim and Rick were also caught in the middle of a drug exchange between violent dealers and undercover officers. That same night, Kim was stuck in prison with violent female criminals smoking the drug and attempting to plant it on her.

Day 3 Edit

When Jack Bauer and Chase Edmunds investigated an abandoned apartment complex turned drug den because of a thread leading to the Cordilla virus several people were smoking marijuana.

Day 4 Edit

Richard Heller smoked marijuana in front of his father, Secretary of Defense James Heller. He later admitted to smoking weed with two strangers—Mandy and Gary—one week prior to Day 4.

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