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Jack Bauer taking over Marine One

Marine One is the call sign used by any aircraft of the United States Marine Corps carrying the President. It is a title normally bestowed on a helicopter, as the USMC has the responsibility of transporting the President by helicopter. It carries a homing device so that it can be tracked at all times.

Day 5 Edit

With help from Secret Service agent Aaron Pierce and some CTU Los Angeles personnel, Jack Bauer hijacked Marine One shortly after 6am during Day 5 to kidnap the traitor President Charles Logan. After using forged documents to take the place of co-pilot John Carruth, Jack knocked out two Secret Service bodyguards, and then after Marine One was landed, the pilot Bryce Wolffson. The hijacking was necessary to stage Bauer's mock interrogation of Logan, which enabled Jack to place the microtransmitter that captured the audio of the President incriminating himself later on with the help of First Lady Martha Logan.

Background information and notes Edit

  • Marine One is generally a Sikorsky SH-3 Sea King. Marine squadron, HMX-1 is the primary unit used for presidential and VIP transportation by the United States Military, along with the two VC-25 airliners (also more commonly known as "Air Force One").

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