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This article's subject relates to Season 8 of 24.
"There is a private security firm I can recommend. They're effective. And discreet. I have them standing by."
–Charles Logan, "Day 8: 10:00am-11:00am"

Mark Bledsoe was a chief contractor from the private security company recommended by Charles Logan to President Allison Taylor active during Day 8.

Day 8[]

Bledsoe was in charge of a private security company that was recommended to President Allison Taylor by former-President Charles Logan. Logan recommended Bledsoe's company to deal with Dana Walsh, who had evidence linking the Russian government to the assassination of President Omar Hassan. Taylor agreed to Logan's recommendation in order to hide the Russians' involvement and keep alive her peace treaty.

After Taylor agreed, Logan contacted Bledsoe and told him the plan. After 10:00am, Bledsoe arrived at CTU NY with a team of contractors. As he arrived, he contacted Jason Pillar to inquire about the procedure they were to follow with Walsh. Bledsoe implied to Pillar that they should murder Walsh and make it look as an escape attempt, in order to keep her information under wraps.

After meeting Chloe O'Brian, he asked to be taken to Walsh's holding room. As Chloe led him, she asked him for the transfer order. Bledsoe gave her his cell phone so she could see it there. Without him noticing, Chloe copied the information to a memory stick to find out where they were taking her. When they arrived at Dana's holding room, she protested the decision and warned Chloe that Bledsoe would kill her. Still, Bledsoe had his contractors take her into custody.

Bledsoe and his team then took Walsh to a secure building on 14633 12th Street, where they had several instruments prepared to torture her. Bledsoe asked her one time for the film that incriminated the Russians, but she declined. Bledsoe then prepared himself to torture her. Shortly before 11:00am, Bledsoe had already strapped Dana to a reclining table, while one of his men put a towel over her face to begin water-boarding her for information. After one session of torture, Dana made it clear to him that she would not reveal any of her information.

Bledsoe threatens Dana to protect himself.

He reconfirmed the plans to eliminate Dana with Jason Pillar after the information was extracted before carrying on with the torture. Jack Bauer and Cole Ortiz broke through the facility some fifteen minutes after 11:00am to find Bledsoe with Dana, where Bledsoe held a weapon to Dana and threatened to kill her unless Jack and Cole backed off. Jack warned him that he would kill him if he had to, but Bledsoe remarked that the shot is too risky. Before he finished his sentence, Jack took a shot to Bledsoe's head, killing him instantly.

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