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Mark Henderson played a spokesman during Season 5 of 24.

Biography and career Edit

Mark Henderson started his acting career in 1996, with a brief role on the TV show Maybe This Time. After that, he has appeared in other TV shows like The West Wing (with Evan Handler), JAG (with Scott Lawrence and Steven Culp), ER (with Leland Orser), Criminal Minds (with Dean Cudworth), and Hawthorne (with James Morrison).

Aside of TV shows, Henderson has also appeared in films like Most Guys Today and Fluff. He also appeared in the 2004 short film The Night Life.

24 credits Edit

Selected filmography Edit

  • Most Guys Today (2006)
  • Fluff (2003)

Television appearances

  • Hawthorne (2009)
  • Boston Legal (2007)
  • Justice (2006)
  • Criminal Minds (2006)
  • The Nine (2006)
  • ER (2005)
  • Joan of Arcadia (2004)
  • JAG (2001)
  • The West Wing (2001)

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