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Colonel Martello Paz was a high-ranking member of Venezuela's secret police under President Hugo Chavez during Storm Force.

Storm Force[]

Colonel Paz arrived at the Golden Pole strip club at around 2:00 a.m. before the events of Storm Force. He was entertained by headlining dancer Vikki Valence for several hours. After she finished working at the club the two went to her apartment above the club where they stayed until around 6:30 a.m. When he came out, a group of men tried to kill Paz. His bodyguards Aldo Baca and Ramon Espinosa stood in the way of the attack's bullets, and Paz shot some of them himself. Observing from across the street, CTU agents Jack Bauer and Pete Malo stormed the scene and killed the remaining attackers. Before they could get to Paz to take him in for questioning, he had fled the scene. Jack opted to survey the streets to look for Paz and Valence, who had also vanished after the gunfight, whilst Malo stayed to explain the situation to the police who would be arriving soon.

After stealing two cars to try to slow his tracker's attempts to find him, Paz arrived at an abandoned garage he had bought several years ago to keep as a hideout. Inside was ammo and food to last for months, as well as a new car equipt with the latest gadgets. He collected together supplies and promised himself that he would kill Hector Beltran, who he worked out must have ordered the hit on him.

He discovered ties from Beltran to the Supremo cell, who had kidnapped Raoul Garros, a friend and associate of Paz. He destroyed the cell, and from the leader, who also had been betrayed by Beltran, learnt the location of the exchange. He went, and killed Beltran. However, Jack Bauer and Pete Malo were also present, and Jack shot Paz in the head before he could leave the scene.

Memorable quotes[]

  • Colonel Paz: Adios, amigo (shoots Hector Beltran).

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