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This article's subject relates to Season 1 of 24.

Martin Belkin was a famous photographer who had been hired to take pictures of David Palmer on the day of the California presidential primary.

Before Day 1[]

Martin Belkin's photos included a shot of Munich which appeared in an issue of National Geographic Traveler magazine. He once met Princess Diana, but never took her picture.

Hours before Day 1 began, Belkin boarded Flight 221 from Berlin, Germany to Los Angeles, scheduled to arrive around 1:30am PST. He was seated next to Mandy, flying under the alias of Miranda Stapleton.

Day 1[]

At 12:25am, Belkin called Patty Brooks, David Palmer's campaign manager, to confirm arrangements for the breakfast in the morning, where he was scheduled to take photographs of the event. Afterward, Mandy seemed to become fascinated with him being a photographer and the two began drinking heavily, eventually having sex in the bathroom. Afterward, Mandy asked to meet him once they got to L.A., but he told her he'd be too busy and left.

Belkin returned to his seat and fell asleep. When he awoke, Mandy was gone and his wallet was missing. He tried to tell a stewardess, but she advised him to remain seated. Soon after this, an explosive device planted by Mandy detonated after she had discreetly escaped the aircraft. It exploded over the Mojave Desert, and all those on board, including Belkin, were killed.

Belkin's ID would later be used by Ira Gaines's henchman Jonathan Matijevich, who had plastic surgery to look exactly like Belkin.

Background information and notes[]

  • Belkin's actor, Rudolf Martin, also plays Jonathan Matijevich.
  • Camera angles and motions, Belkin's style of speech and earlier dialogue in his episode, present Belkin as being the overseas assassin feared of entering the states, though he was ultimately an innocent photographer being manipulated by the real assassin, Mandy. This tactic of presenting an innocent/protagonistic character as antagonistic has been used throughout the series, i.e. with Gael Ortega and Meredith Reed.

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