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Marwan al-Hassan was a terrorist working with Michael Shalhoub, attempting to kill Pope John Paul II.

Before Trinity Edit

Marwan had some C-4 wired to the inside of his arm so he could be used as a human bomb. The explosives were timed to go off at 5:30pm, at a time when Marwan could be situated close enough to the Pope to kill him. As a result of the explosives in his arm, Marwan was forced to wear a sling which ensured a lot of pain.

Trinity Edit

Abdul al-Hassan answered his door to Marwan. Marwan killed Abdul and used his resemblance to him to pretend to be him, in an effort to break into the Pope's Unity Conference. Nina Myers went to question Abdul al-Hassan about his connection to Ali Abdul, but he offered no new information to her. She asked about his brother, but al-Hassan said that he did not know where he was. Nina did not realize that she was in fact taking to Marwan al-Hassan himself.

Marwan managed to get through security at the Unity Conference. He bumped into Amy Weiss, who recognized him as his brother, and he feigned remembering her. Dan Bender similarly saw Marwan and believed him to be Abdul.

LAPD officer Mercy Bennet discovered that Abdul had been killed and informed Jack Bauer, who realized that the man at the conference was an impostor. He tackled him and knocked him out of a window before he could get close to the Pope. Jack and Marwan fell many stories and into a pool, whereupon the bomb exploded. Marwan was killed instantly, but miraculously Jack survived.

Live appearancesEdit

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