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This article's subject relates to Season 6 of 24.

Masheer Abu-Marzuq was the handler for the suicide bomber Nasir Trabelsi during the subway attack on Day 6. He worked for Abu Fayed.

Day 6[]

Masheer was present with suicide bomber Nasir Trabelsi when Abu Fayed armed his suicide vest. He departed with Nasir to send him off for his final mission.

Jack Bauer and Hamri Al-Assad extracted from Omar the location of Masheer's and Nasir's terrorist target. When Jack and Assad went to the spot, they observed Masheer crossing a street with Nasir, on their way to the subway. Jack ordered Assad to stay with Masheer, while Jack tailed the bomber. Assad followed Masheer, and along the way picked up Jack (who had foiled Nasir). When Masheer began to drive north, out of traffic, Jack knew that they would likely be spotted.

Jack called Chloe O'Brian at CTU to track Masheer on satellite instead. Because of Fayed's previous orders, the satellite would take too long to reconfigure. Jack decided to steal a car and ram into Masheer's car, damaging it so it could not be driven. As per Jack's plan, Assad pulled up, pretended to be a witness, and offered to help out Masheer by giving him a lift to where he was going.

Assad drove Masheer to a spot where he departed on foot. Jack and Curtis Manning then met up with and Assad. Chloe followed Masheer by satellite to a "dead-drop", a self-storage unit where Fayed unfortunately was not waiting. Curtis sent his team in with orders to capture Masheer, but Masheer heard a field agent inadvertently break cover by making some noise on a storage unit's metal roof. After firing on the field agents, Masheer committed suicide with a hand grenade, detonating a large number of ammunition boxes. Despite the fireball he caused, the agents were still able to recover a new lead from his charred computer: the presence of a nuclear threat.

Background information and notes[]

  • Though unnamed during the episode content, Masheer's first name is given in the closing credits. The surname "Abu-Marzuq" was revealed in the first set of the 24 Trading Card Game. The same is true of the surname of Masheer's accomplice, Nasir Trabelsi.

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