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Tim Iacofano preps for the White House bunker explosion in Master Illusionists: 24's Special Effects Make-Up

Master Illusionists: 24's Special Effects Make-Up is a special feature found on the Season Six DVD.

Master Illusionists[]

White House Bunker explosion[]

Tim Iacofano, the director of "Day 6: 4:00pm-5:00pm," explained that during the episode both Hamri Al-Assad and President Wayne Palmer will be down. He explained that while he and the production crew set up for the explosion, actor Alexander Siddig was getting fitted for having part of his face blown off during the explosion. Howard Berger, the Make-Up artist from KNB EFX, explained that the design for Assad's mutilation was a lot less subtle than the original plans.

Rodney Charters, the director of photography, explained about the lighting situation after the explosion; all the lights would go out and some emergency lights would go on, but due to smoke and the fewer numbers of emergency lights it would be very dark. Scott Blackwell, the special effects co-coordinator, explained that a podium identical to the one in the White House media room set had been created that could be shattered for the explosion. Dee Mansano, the head make-up artist explained her happiness at being at being allowed to do what she wanted with another actor's face for the explosion scene. DB Woodside, who played President Palmer, was also seen in make-up preparing for his wounds. The final scene is then shown.

Jack Bauer's wounds[]

Howard Berger explained that Jack Bauer had many wounds over his back after his time in China, and his company had to make many copies of these for the show. He showed how the wounds were made, and how they are applied to a body.

Anatoly Markov's fingers[]

John Noble with a fake hand in his scene

The scene from "Day 6: 5:00pm-6:00pm" in which Jack Bauer removes some of Anatoly Markov's fingers is shown, and Iacofano explained the background to the scene. Berger is shown making moulds of the hands of John Noble, Markov's actor. Randy Gunter, the property master, explained that as they were unsure as to which hand would be used during the scene, a mould of both hands had been produced. He showed the hands to viewers, including the magnetised end of the little finger that would be cut off during the scene. Sterling Rush, who was also the property master, was shown preparing Noble with the fake hand and tying it to the chair. Gunter then demonstrated the three types of cigar cutters he had; one with very sharp blades that could be used for the fake hand, one with dulled blades that could be used but not pressed too hard, and a third that was measured to the width of Noble's finger so as much as Kiefer Sutherland pressed, it would not damage Noble's finger. The final scene is once again shown.