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You may be looking for Doug Masters

Masters was a henchman working for Tony Almeida during Day 7.

Day 7 Edit

Masters worked with Tony Almeida to kidnap programmer Michael Latham shortly after 8:00am. Almeida, Masters and a third associate then forced Latham to program the a device so that the group could hack into Homeland Security's CIP firewall. After Latham did so, Masters took the device to implement it, but found that it was not working correctly. He reported this to Almeida, who took it back to Latham and said that unless he properly configured the device, he would be killed. Later when Jack Bauer and F.B.I agent Renee Walker raided the hideout, Almeida instructed Masters to intercept them. During the ensuing shootout, he was shot to death in the chest by both Jack and Renee.

Live appearancesEdit

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