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Matt Payne (born March 3, 1978; age 46) was a production assistant on Season 2 and 3 of 24.

Biography and career[]

Matt Payne was born in Oklahoma City to migrant farmers. He was raised in a small farming community called Nichols Hills, in Oklahoma. Payne later completed studies at the University of Oklahoma.

After spending a summer working on an independent film in Paris, Payne moved to Los Angeles and started working as a production assistant on 24. He stayed with the show for two and a half seasons. After that, he worked on the film The Metro Chase, which he produced and acted on. The film also featured Jason Padgett.

In 2010, Payne began travel writing for the Washington TImes Communities, giving him the opportunity to travel around the world. He also created The Point Writer's Workshop, to educate writers of all levels in their craft.

Payne has also written episodes of The Defenders, Memphis Beat, and Vegas.

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