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Maude was an elderly lady who became caught up in the events of Coffee Run.

The Rookie[]

Maude was a senior citizen who Jason Blaine met on his way to a coffee shop. Her dog was refusing to cross a road, and Jason picked it up for her. She thanked him, and Jason told her that her dog is a "tough one", to which she responded "That's why I love him so much!" She smiled and they parted ways. Seconds later, Jason saved her and her dog from being run over by a speeding car. She yells after the car, angrily. She left and Jason continued on his way to the coffee shop.


Her dog disrupts the robbers.

At around 9.24 a.m., Maude arrived at the Merchant Security Bank, and was greeted by a teller who stroked her dog. She was then taken hostage in the bank robbery along with everybody else in there. Her dog barked consistently at one of the robbers, who got angry and began to shout at it. He fired a round of bullets at a poster in anger. Blaine managed to save all the hostages, including Maude, without any casualties. He did not want to take credit for the rescue, so Maude later took credit for it. Back at CTU, Alton Maxwell jokingly suggested they should hire her to replace Blaine after his coffee comes back cold.

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