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This article's subject relates to Season 1 of 24.

Maxton was one of the hired soldiers working for terrorist mercenary Ira Gaines.

Day 1[]

When Teri and Kim Bauer escaped from the mercenaries' compound, Gaines and his men loaded up on weapons and went to hunt them down at noon. The women saw Maxton and Neil on the North-East side of the creek, and so decided to take shelter in a nearby shack. Neil split off on his own, and Maxton carried on crossing the creek bed to meet up with Peterson and his men, in an effort to cut off the Bauer family at a service road.

When Gaines and Kevin Carroll heard gunfire, Gaines radioed to his men to determine who was shooting. By 12:31pm, only Maxton and Neil hadn't responded to his calls. Finally, Maxton replied and explained his position. Gaines determined that it was Neil who had been shooting, so he asked Maxton and got information about where Neil was last seen. Maxton's speech, and the other communications over the radio, permitted Jack Bauer to escort his wife and daughter to safety, since Jack had killed Neil and taken his radio. ("12:00pm-1:00pm")

Background information and notes[]

  • Because Maxton was not killed by Alexis Drazen during the next hour and because only 4 casualties were reported at the compound, it is highly likely that Maxton was arrested by Bundy's CTU team.

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