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This article's subject relates to Season 4 of 24.

McCallan was a CTU Los Angeles field agent active during Day 4.

Day 4[]

McCallan accompanied Curtis Manning and other field agents to capture Yosik Khatami at a harbor in Los Angeles. He informed Curtis that it was a harbor patrol guard, not a field agent, who appeared within sight of Yosik. When Yosik met with Joe Prado on his boat, the agents moved in but were seen by Prado from a window. Prado killed Yosik to defend himself; McCallan found the body turned over Yosik's cell phone to Curtis.

McCallan was part of the SWAT team sent to apprehend Mandy and Gary at The Mercerwood. He met Jack Bauer outside of Mandy and Gary's unit and picked the lock. He and Jack secured the apartment and found Gary's dead body. He photographed Gary and sent a photo back to CTU so that Richard Heller could confirm his identify.

Later, he searched Marwan's abandoned helicopter for possible evidence that would help CTU find the missile. He discovered a PDA that Marwan used to track the missile. Although the device had been destroyed, McCallan realized that one of the drive platforms was still intact. He had Adams uplink the information to CTU so that Chloe could analyze it. Chloe eventually determined that the missile was headed for Los Angeles.

Background information and notes[]

  • According to Matt Michnovetz, this character was named after "The Macallan", a brand of scotch whiskey.

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