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'''McCullough''' was one of the [[CTU]] agents that took orders from [[Jack Bauer]] and [[Christopher Henderson]] during [[Day 5]].
'''McCullough''' was one of the [[CTU]] agents that took orders from [[Jack Bauer]] and during [[Day 5]].
== Day 5 ==
== Day 5 ==

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McCullough was one of the CTU agents that took orders from Jack Bauer and during Day 5.

Day 5

Jack, Henderson, and McCullough entered the Russian submarine Natalia with the help of Navy Petty Officer Tim Rooney, to kill Vladimir Bierko and his men. Inside, McCullough helped Jack (with the use of a signalling mirror) to kill Bierko's technical henchman who was programming the missiles. This allowed Henderson to shut down the missile system and avert another crisis. Jack and McCullough then searched for Bierko and his remaining men, but McCullough was shot by one of them. The shooter was killed by Jack, as were Bierko and the last henchman.


Day 5

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