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McGuckin Petroleum was an oil company based in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Six months before Midnight Sun, President David Palmer opened the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge to oil exploration, and McGuckin Petroleum won a Department of Energy contract to build an experimental drilling station there.

Midnight Sun[]

Around 1:00pm, company president Joseph McGuckin took off from McGuckin Petroleum's private airfield outside Fairbanks, Alaska. About half an hour later, he was killed in a plane crash caused by the pilot, an eco-terrorist.

A team consisting of Jack Bauer, Trinetta Anderson, Jim Kuhoric, and Jamie David infiltrated McGuckin Petroleum's experimental drilling site around 11:35am the next day. Jack killed the others, stopping them from inserting a bio-mediation process that would render the entire oil field inert and therefore useless to McGuckin Petroleum or anyone else.