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McGuire Air Force Base was an United States Air Force installation located in Wrightstown, New Jersey.

During Day 8, McGuire Air Force Base was the location where President Allison Taylor and her aides were evacuated to after they received information about the possible radiological attack on Manhattan. Shortly after 5:00am, President Taylor asked Jack Bauer to personally escort President Omar Hassan and his family to McGuire Air Force Base. However, she received a call from Samir Mehran demanding that Hassan be turned over in exchange for the lives of American civilians within proximity of their radiological dispersal bomb. Taylor refused to comply, but behind her back, General David Brucker and Rob Weiss colluded to take Hassan by force and deliver him to the terrorists. They were forced to hide a dying Ethan Kanin in his temporary office after he discovered their plan and had a heart attack.

Mcguireafb phone

Ethan Kanin, Allison Taylor, and Rob Weiss at the base

Although the ambush failed, Hassan gave himself up willingly to the terrorists after assaulting Jack Bauer. He left his wife Dalia and daughter Kayla behind. Jack ordered Renee to take them to the base while he pursued Hassan. Minutes later, Jack informed Taylor of the treasonous plot by her staff, and she had them arrested. The women arrived safely at the base, and the Hassan family watched the attempt rescue of Hassan with Taylor. Although it failed, they kept their hopes up that Omar would be rescued. However, the second and final rescue attempt was a complete failure, and Omar Hassan had been executed. Taylor went into the other room and broke the news to the Hassan family about Omar's death.

Background information and notesEdit

  • The aerial view of the base is taken from a scene of the film Black Hawk Down.


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