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This article covers characters and concepts from the Indian adaptation of 24.

Mehr was a mercenary and assassin for hire.

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Mehr was on board a plane flight to Mumbai in the early hours of the day, and was seated next to the photographer Max Ferraro. She struck up a conversation with Max, complimenting him on his photography skills, and listened in while Max spoke to Pooja Bharadwaj and read out the code to his ID security card. She later seduced him, pulling him into the plane toilet and kissing him passionately. While they were kissing, she grabbed his neck and snapped it, taking his ID card. She then killed an air hostess before retrieving her baggage, which contained a flight suit, parachute and a length of primer cord. She proceeded to trigger a bomb that was hidden in a fire extinguisher, and parachuted out of the plane, which blew up leaving no survivors. ("Day 1: 12:00am-1:00am")

Her sister Shaina was waiting on the ground for her to land, waving her in with a flare. Mehr greeted her sister upon landing, handing over the ID card and then she got into a jeep driven by one of Yakub Syed's men. She was driven to Yakub's shack, where she informed him that her sister had the ID card. She called Shaina who came in, but she didn't have the card: she demanded more money from Yakub, claiming that Mehr had settled for a bad price in the original deal. ("Day 1: 1:00am-2:00am")

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Shaina retrieves the ID

Yakub grew angry at the complication, and Mehr attempted to warn Shaina that he was dangerous and would kill them both. However, Shaina convinced Mehr to go along with her plan to get more money. Yakub relented and transferred the extra, so Shaina led Mehr and Yakub back to the landing site. The ID was retrieved and given to Yakub, but Shaina was shot and killed. Yakub told Mehr that if she felt bad about her sister's death she too would die; or she could live and continue working for him. Mehr chose the latter, and got back into Yakub's jeep. ("Day 1: 2:00am-3:00am")

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