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Merchant Security Bank was a bank located at 19804 N. Maint Street in Los Angeles. It was robbed during the events of Jason Blaine's Coffee Run.

The Rookie[edit | edit source]

The robbers head into the bank

While on his way to buy coffee for his co-workers, CTU operative Jason Blaine noticed three armed men entering the bank. Worried, he found a back entrance to the building and subtly entered the bank. Concerned for his safety, Angie Lawson tried to dissuade him from entering, reminding him that he didn't have a gun, but Jason refused to listen.

Meanwhile, in the bank, the men opened fire, ordering everybody to the ground. They ordered the security guard down as well, kicking his gun away. Two of the men then blew the vault open while the third waited in the lobby keeping lookout.

The robbers blow up the vault

Once inside, Jason put his cell on speakerphone and placed it down on a desk so Lawson could listen in on the ensuing events.

Jason then found the gun that was kicked away and picked it up. However, the robber keeping lookout noticed him and grabbed one of the female hostages, holding a gun to her head. Jason refused to back down, and the hostage fainted out of fear, leaving the robber in the open. Jason then shot him dead.

LAPD arrived on the scene, and Jason presented them with his identification. He stressed the fact that he "was never there" and left. Later, on the news, Maude took the credit for the rescue and Jason's boss, Alton Maxwell, sarcastically suggested that she should be hired at CTU to collect coffee, as that which Jason brought was cold.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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