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This article's subject relates to the 24 expanded universe.

Michael Donovan was the chairman and CEO of Donovan Pharmaceuticals and an international terrorist financier.

Before One Shot[]

Donovan supported Sinn Fein until they started seriously negotiating with the British government, at which point he transferred his support to more radical factions. He was the main backer of Moira O'Neal's faction of the Irish Republican Army, and other terrorist causes.

When O'Neal discovered that Donovan supported terrorist groups only to make money, she became disillusioned. She hid a copy of his database inside his personal library and turned herself in to Counter Terrorist Unit so that she could lead them to it.

One Shot[]

Donovan got the location of O'Neal's safe house from Nina Myers, "our friend in Europe." He then dispatched Tim McGinnis and his crew to eliminate O'Neal. However, O'Neal survived the attack and told Jack Bauer about the evidence she hid. It is unknown whether CTU was able to retrieve the database from his library.

Memorable quotes[]

  • Michael Donovan: It's a chance to send a message about traitors and derail the so-called peace process at the same time.

Live appearances[]