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Michael Latham was the designer of Homeland Security's CIP firewall.

Before Day 7[]

Latham was born in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. He was 6'1", weighed 190 pounds and had brown eyes. He was the Chief Executive of Homeland Security's Firewall Project. He had Clearance Level 6 and served in the Army for 8 years. He specialised in Tech Support and Field Ops.

Day 7[]

Tony and his men kidnap Latham

Whilst driving in the car with his daughter Emily, Latham was kidnapped by a group of terrorists led by former CTU agent Tony Almeida. Latham was taken from his car after another vehicle collided with him and put in the back of a black van, which then quickly drove away.

Latham was taken to Almeida's workstation where he was forced to "fix" a device for the terrorists so they could get past the Firewall Project which he designed. After doing so, Masters, one of Almeida's henchmen, took the device from him and implemented it to hack an airplane's coordination computers. However, the device did not appear to function properly. Almeida took it back to Latham and demanded that he fix it or else be executed. When he repaired it, Almeida used the device and orchestrated a near-collision between two passenger jets. Latham was horrified and outraged, but did not know that no one was harmed during the demonstration.

Latham was removed from the custody of Tony's crew aboard the ship by the conspirator David Emerson, who brought him to 546 Adams where Iké Dubaku and Mr. Nichols were waiting.

Jack, Tony and Bill find Latham before his death

When Dubaku's location was discovered, Dubaku had Latham wired with explosives under threat of killing his family. As Jack, Buchanan, and Tony walked into the room where Latham was, he apologized but was killed when Dubaku's bomb exploded. The explosion distracted Jack and the group long enough for Dubaku to escape capture.

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