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Michael Shalhoub was a cover name for a terrorist operating during Trinity. He was a devout Catholic.

Before TrinityEdit

Michael and Abdul Rahman Yasin formulated a plan to attack the Unity Conference being held by the Pope in Los Angeles, despite their differences in religion.

Trinity Edit

Michael informed by Gabriel that Ramin, a source who could potentially reveal their identities to the CIA, had been killed.

Later, Michael abducted Don Biehn, who went to kill Sam Collins after his abuse of his son. Don managed to escape, but he did not kill Sam, to Michael's pleasure. Michael was later employed by Cardinal Mulrooney to deal with the situation of Don Biehn and Collins, as it was potentially embarrassing for the church. He killed the two men, which led him to try to cancel the Unity Conference attack, but Abdul Rahman Yasin refused to allow it.

After that attack failed, Michael constructed a plan to shoot the Pope dead, along with Mark Gelson and Pembrooke. However the attack once again failed, so Michael fled to Yasin's hotel to ask to find a way out. They were tracked there by Jack Bauer, who shot Michael in the neck as they fought.

Live appearancesEdit

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