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The Middle East refers to the region of West Asia closest to Africa and Europe. Countries usually included in the region include Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Kamistan.

Day 2[]

Second Wave, a Middle Eastern terrorist group, planned to smuggle and detonate a nuclear bomb in Los Angeles. They managed to get the bomb inside the country with the help of NSA Director Roger Stanton, and businessmen like Peter Kingsley and Max. However, the bomb was found by CTU and detonated safely in the Mojave Desert.

During the investigation of this event, CTU found an audio recording linking Syed Ali, one of the leaders of Second Wave, with the leaders of Afghanistan and two other Middle Eastern countries. As a result, the United States started planning a massive attack on these countries. Ultimately, Jack Bauer managed to prove the recording was fake, and its purpose was to coerce the US to go into war thus raising the profits of businessmen like Kingsley.

Day 4[]

A group of Middle Eastern terrorists led by Habib Marwan orchestrated a series of attacks on the US. Marwan had his group organized in separate cells that had no contact with each other. Among the members of the cells were Middle Easterns (like Navi Araz) as well as Americans (like Mitch Anderson).

Marwan's group bombed a train in the Santa Clarita valley to gain access to the Dobson Override mechanism. Then they kidnapped Secretary of Defense James Heller. After that, they used the Dobson Override to take control of nuclear plants across the country, causing a meltdown in San Gabriel Island. Then he had Mitch Anderson pose as an Air Force pilot and steal a stealth fighter to shoot down Air Force One. The attack left President John Keeler critically injured. Terrorists recovered the nuclear football from the wreckage gaining access to the nuclear armament of the US.

Day 6[]

Hamri Al-Assad, a former Islamic terrorist leader, was thought to be the mastermind of the terrorist attacks that preceded Day 6. In reality, Al-Assad was negotiating a peace treaty among terrorists groups and the US. However, one of the members of his group, Abu Fayed, betrayed him and took control of the organization. Fayed managed to take control of five suitcase nuclear devices. One of the devices was detonated in Valencia in the middle of a raid resulting in 12,000 casualties.

As a result of this attacks, the government authorized the establishment of several detention facilities to investigate Muslim-Americans, mostly of Middle Eastern decents. Walid Al-Rezani, boyfriend of Sandra Palmer, was detained in Anacostia Detention Facility. This procedure also harmed CTU Chief of Staff Nadia Yassir, who had her access privileges canceled.

Fayed then teamed with Russian Dmitri Gredenko to mount the remaining nukes in automatic aerial drones with the intention of detonating them in major cities. However, he was killed by Jack Bauer.