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Miguel was a musician and the boyfriend of Kim Bauer during Day 2.

Day 2[]

Kim Bauer called Miguel during a studio recording, asking for his help to get Megan Matheson away from her abusive father, Gary Matheson. At first reluctant, he eventually agreed when Kim said that she was truly in trouble. He arrived in a cab and Kim angrily told him that they needed the car. She updated him on what was happening with Megan; her father had knocked her to the ground and there was evidence of other injuries, but she could not talk to the police because Gary had framed her for kidnapping. She told him that they had to get out of the city because her father told her that something bad was going to happen. Eventually Kim decided to tell him about the nuclear threat and he insisted that they should leave. Kim refused to without Megan, and so he agreed to help get her out. ("12:00pm-1:00pm")


Miguel defends Kim and Megan

After helping sneak Megan out of the hospital where she was being held, Miguel confronted Gary Matheson and knocked him unconscious. He and Kim then stole Gary's car. On their way out of Los Angeles, they were pulled over for speeding. The officer, Sgt. Brown, discovered the body of Carla Matheson, Gary's wife, in the trunk; and subsequently arrested Miguel and Kim. Officer Collins took Miguel to a precinct where he and Kim waited to be processed - Sgt. Brown then told them they would be taken back to LA. While being transported to Los Angeles via the 118, Miguel and Kim started a fire in Brown's vehicle, injuring Miguel and the officer as Kim escaped. However, Miguel lost his right leg in the accident. He broke up with Kim shortly afterward without telling her of the amputation.

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