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Miguel was a Mexican intelligence agency official active during Day 3.

Day 3 Edit

Kim Bauer revealed to Tony Almeida that Chase Edmunds was going on an unauthorized mission to Las Nieves to rescue his partner, Jack Bauer from the Salazars. Kim and Tony both knew then that Chase, left to his own designs, was likely to blow Jack's cover in the Cordilla virus sting operation.

Tony called Miguel and asked him to send an agent to intercept Chase and tell him what was going on so that he wouldn't blow Jack's cover. Tony sent him a photo of Chase and reminded him that Chase was acting on his own authority and to tell his field agent, Rafael Gutierrez, that Chase would be armed and dangerous.

Unsure how far the Salazar brothers' corrupt influence reached, Miguel assigned only Agent Gutierrez, whom he trusted, to the mission. Agent Gutierrez was killed within moments of finding Chase.

Live appearances Edit

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