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Sergeant Mike McLaren was a police officer on duty near Ontario Airport during Day 5.

Day 5 Edit

Sgt. McLaren arrived at the Ontario Airport at around 9:00am, to deal with the hostage crisis. He was in charge before the arrival of agents from CTU Los Angeles. During the chaos immediately after the takeover by Dawn Brigade terrorists, McLaren heard Diane Huxley shout that she had information for CTU. Shortly after, he was contacted by the terrorists' leader Anton Beresch and was told to make no attempt to enter the terminal. McLaren then ordered his men to back up until they received more instructions.

Recalling Diane's claim, he sent Officer Lerma into the crowd to retrieve her from nearby Bailey, and took her statement. McLaren then brought Diane to CTU agent Curtis Manning. Curtis put her into contact with Jack Bauer who was hiding in the terminal. When Diane saw her son Derek in danger on live television, Officer McLaren had to restrain her.

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