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Mikhail was one of Sergei Bazhaev's Red Square gangsters during Day 8.

Day 8 Edit

Mikhail was among the men who accompanied Dimitri to the hideout of Vladimir Laitanan shortly before 11pm. He, Dimitri, and the others arrived via a tunnel and were undetected by the CTU NY surveillance drones. They found the corpses of Laitanan and two of his men. Jack Bauer — in the guise of German arms dealer "Ernst Meier" — surrendered to the group and they kidnapped him. When Mikhail went around Laitanan's office to secure the area, he was moments away from discovering Renee Walker who was hiding. Before he could spot her, Dimitri shouted for him to leave. The men brought Jack through their tunnel out to a waiting van and left to meet Bazhaev.

Back at the restaurant, Mikhail and some of his comrades tied up Jack to be tortured by Dimitri. As Jack was interrogated, Bazhaev planned to send Mikhail and another man to wait with the nuclear fuel rods while Andre and some would remain unseen on the perimeter. However, none of their plans were enacted: Jack Bauer escaped from Dimitri, killed him, and cut the power. Mikhail sent one man to check the fuse box, then went off on his own. Jack killed all of Bazhaev's other men, and shortly afterwards CTU arrived at the restaurant.

Background information and notes Edit

  • Mikhail's fate was not shown on-screen - he may have escaped the restaurant, or been arrested by the CTU team that arrived later.

Live appearancesEdit

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