Wiki 24

Milliken Enterprises was a company that was owned by Alan Milliken.

Before Day 3[]

Alan Milliken used the wealth he earned from his work at the company to establish considerable political influence in Washington, D.C., by gaining a number of loyal Senators. Milliken also was a longtime, generous contributor to the political career of President David Palmer. Alan Milliken offered Wayne Palmer the role of COO at Milliken Enterprises. Wayne eventually left the position after his brother, the President appointed him as his Chief of Staff.

Twelve years before Day 3, Milliken struck and killed the daughter of Kevin Kelly while driving drunk. He was wealthy enough to pay off Kelly completely to avoid criminal prosecution.

Day 3[]

The owner of the company, Alan Milliken, attempted to use his influence over President David Palmer to force him to fire his brother, Chief of Staff Wayne Palmer. Milliken was jealous when he discovered that his wife Julia once had an affair with Wayne.