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The Miramont Hotel was a hotel located on Ventura Boulevard in Studio City, Los Angeles.

On Day 5, after Homeland Security agents turned up at Bill Buchanan's house at 5 Valley Vista Circle, Bill instructed Chloe O'Brian to make her way to the Miramont as a location to work from. She set up her laptop in the bar of the hotel to assist Jack Bauer as he attempted to locate an audio recording on Flight 520. However, a man named Ross was at the bar attempting to chat up a woman, who left, causing Ross to start talking to Chloe. She evaded his questions before using a stun gun to knock him unconscious so she could work. With Chloe's help, Jack found the recording and Chloe left the hotel and returned to CTU just after 3am. ("Day 5: 2:00am-3:00am")

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