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This article's subject relates to Season 5 of 24.

Miriam Henderson was the wife of Christopher Henderson of many years.

Before Day 5[]

Miriam and Christopher provided comfort to Kim Bauer after her father, Jack Bauer, was reportedly killed. Neither Miriam nor Kim had any idea that Jack faked his death during Day 4 to protect himself and others. Additionally, Miriam was completely unaware that her husband Christopher was part of the Sentox nerve gas conspiracy.

Day 5[]

After Christopher failed to kill Jack Bauer with a bomb at Omicron International, Jack went to his house in Toluca Lake to apprehend him. Once there, he found Miriam alone, working in the kitchen. Miriam was stunned and confused by Jack's unexplained presence and behavior. He forced her to sit on the couch as he attempted to access Christopher's computer files. She refused to tell Jack the password. When he explained the urgency of the situation to get her to cooperate, she refused to believe Jack's claims about her husband's criminal conspiracy.

When Christopher returned home, Jack handcuffed him and forced him to sit next to Miriam. Jack still attempted to persuade Miriam and also to get Christopher to confess. Finally, Jack accessed the briefcase and revealed a large amount of cash and a pistol inside. With the evidence mounting up, she began to suspect that Christopher was, at least, hiding something, and asked her husband directly. He vaguely replied that everything he had done was for her.

Jack needed to extract information from Christopher to unravel the Sentox conspiracy. To Miriam's horror, he placed his gun on Christopher's kneecap and threatened to cripple him. When this threat failed, Jack suddenly shot Miriam above her knee. He then threatened to shoot her a second time, this time directly in the kneecap, but Christopher unequivocally refused to talk. Despite her injury, Miriam now realized clearly that her husband was involved in something very dark. Jack relented, cursed Henderson for injuring Miriam over nothing, and called for medical attention for Miriam. Christopher was then taken to CTU Los Angeles for Rick Burke's agonizing Hyocine-Pentothal interrogation, and continued to antagonize Jack for the rest of the day as he worked to cover up his crimes.

Miriam became widowed at the day's end when Jack killed Christopher to avenge the murders of David Palmer and the other people killed as a result of the Sentox nerve gas conspiracy.

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