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Mishka Grenkov was a high-ranking member of the Russian mafia based in Odessa, Ukraine following Day 8. His father and brother were both killed during an encounter with Jack Bauer during Bauer's time as a CIA operative.

Mishka ordered his lieutenants Alik and Sasho to kidnap Roman, a man who had failed to pay off his debts, and had him brought to an alley late at night to answer for his tardiness. Mishka said that he and his partner Anton had been searching for him since Friday, and mockingly said that they had been concerned for his well-being, as they were sure Roman had not been avoiding them intentionally. After Roman stammered that he hadn't made the money back yet, Mishka shot him in the chest repeatedly, then told Alik and Sasho that the debt was to be paid by Roman's brother Petro instead. The two coerced Petro into stealing a container of methylamine from the port where he worked.

The next evening, when Petro and his friend "Borys" arrived at Mishka's warehouse with the container, Mishka stopped them from leaving - he recognized that Borys was actually Jack Bauer, a wanted fugitive and the man responsible for his family's deaths, and had his men take the two of them hostage. (Underground #1)


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