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Mishko Suba was an assassin hired by the Drazen family. His partner was Jovan Myovic and they were sent to kill Teri and Kim Bauer during the events of Day 1.

Before Day 1[]

Suba's file

Suba was born on August 24 1969 in Smederevo, Serbia. He graduated from Zagreb University and served in the Serbian Army from 1994-99. Suba's father Emil died prior to Day 1. ("Day 1: 3:00pm-4:00pm")

Day 1[]

During the events of Day 1, Andre Drazen hired Ira Gaines to have Senator David Palmer assassinated and set up Jack Bauer to take the fall. Bauer was able to rescue his wife and daughter from Gaines and the original plan failed. Andre Drazen put his contingency plan into effect and his brother Alexis killed Gaines' surviving crew, which included Kevin Carroll. ("1:00pm-2:00pm")

While Alexis focused on Palmer, Suba and Jovan Myovic targeted Bauer's wife and daughter. Myovic watched the women at a medical clinic and followed them when they were brought to a safe house by Nina Myers. When CTU sent a back-up tactical unit to the safehouse, Myovic and Suba had to wait until they could make their move. After they killed Agents Daniels, Jeff Breeher, and all but one of the others, they entered the home.

Suba prepared to sneak on Paulson

Agent Paulson realized the safehouse was infiltrated when Ron did not respond to his calls, and he had Teri and Kim take cover in a bedroom. He demanded for the perpetrator to reveal himself, and Myovic came out of the bathroom. Myovic handed over his firearm but Suba sneaked up behind Paulson and stabbed him in the back. When they heard the garage door, they left Paulson to go after the women, their main targets. While Jovan opened fire on Teri and Kim's vehicle, Suba began to catch up with him. Paulson, who had survived the stabbing, left the safehouse and shot Suba repeatedly in the back, killing him. ("3:00pm-4:00pm")

Background information and notes[]

  • The name "Mishko" is spelled in the anglicized form. In the Serbian language, the name is spelled "Miško".

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