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Mitchell Hayworth was the Vice President under Allison Taylor during Day 7, and then President following her resignation shortly after Day 8.

Before Day 7[]

During Hayworth's campaign with Allison Taylor, some damaging information about Hayworth using drugs surfaced. Martin Collier, who was working as a consultant for the campaign, told Olivia Taylor that there wasn't a problem that couldn't be handled or eliminated.

Day 7[]

Vice President Hayworth was immediately taken to a secure location after the White House was taken over by Benjamin Juma. Larry Moss and Renee Walker spoke to him over a live video feed for permission to initiate a rescue mission, believing that the President was safe. Hayworth, however, chose to lean towards the side of caution and refused to allow the rescue. He scolded his assistant Derek Watts when Derek expressed his agreement with his decision after he stated that Taylor's death would further his political career.

When Juma and his men started transmitting a statement from President Taylor, Hayworth told Watts to find a way to turn off that transmission. Watts, however, told him that it would be impossible since it was being relayed through several Internet servers. Larry then insisted on entering the White House, but Hayworth again refused to do anything. But when Larry saw that explosion had been set off by Bill Buchanan inside the White House, he sent his teams in anyway, over Hayworth's objection. After the White House was secured, President Taylor told an agent to arrange a video-conference with Hayworth.

After Day 8[]

Shortly after Day 8, President Allison Taylor resigned from the presidency to atone for her criminal association with Charles Logan that day. Mitchell Hayworth succeeded her as President. (Deadline)

Background information and notes[]

  • According to various websites, Hayworth's original surname during production was Hansen.
  • Hayworth does not appear and was not mentioned during Day 8, but the novel 24: Deadline confirmed that he assumed the presidency. That being said, the book spells his name as "Heyworth."
  • Hayworth was presumably succeeded by James Heller, as Taylor's term expired a little over two years after the events of Day 8. However, it is not clear whether Heller defeated Hayworth in an election, or whether Hayworth did not seek or was unsuccessful in gaining his party's nomination. Heller and Hayworth are presumed, but not confirmed, to be from the same political party (Republican).

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Preceded by:
Allison Taylor
President of the United States Succeeded by:
James Heller