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Mizelli was an FBI agent in the Washington Field Office during Day 7.

Day 7 Edit

7x15 guest

At around 10:00pm, Mizelli worked with Larry Moss after finding Senator Blaine Mayer dead at his home on 951 Deerbrook Avenue. The agent told Larry that they had performed sweeps throughout the neighborhood and couldn't find Jack. Larry then told him to widen their search area and check out surveillance cameras. At 10:39pm, he gave Larry preliminary ballistics of the scene and he sent him to the crime lab.

After 2:00am, Mizelli debriefed Jack Bauer regarding his actions from 8:00am through 3:00pm. He discovered a discrepancy in Jack's account when he researched the name Vincent Cardiff. Cardiff was reportedly killed during interrogation by Tony Almeida, but Mizelli discovered that Cardiff had actually been arrested by border agents. Mizelli called Jack to see if the name might have been mistaken, but Jack was distracted and ended the call. When Jack called him back, Mizelli's report revealed that Tony was lying. Jack hung up on Mizelli abruptly to go confront Tony.

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