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Mohsen was a Second Wave terrorist who worked for Syed Ali.

Day 2[]

After Syed Ali had private investigator Paul Koplin and Kate Warner kidnapped, Mohsen tortured Koplin for any information he found out about Ali's illegal business transactions. He was covered in plastic to prevent getting blood on him.

Ali brought in Kate after she denied having any useful knowledge. Mohsen used an electronic sander to cut Koplin's bare back and threw chemicals on the wounds to increase the pain. As Ali reached for his gun, Mohsen turned away, and Ali killed Koplin with three bullets to his back. Ali then asked Mohsen to kill Kate, since she had nothing useful either.

Mohsen wearing plastic to prevent blood stains

Mohsen refrained from taking Kate's life, and when Ali returned, Mohsen explained that he wanted to make sure she was truly ignorant. Ali then stated that he wanted to pray one last time, and embraced Mohsen. After Ali left, Mohsen asked Kate if she wanted to suffer like Koplin did. She again denied any knowledge, so he cut her ear with a small blade.

He was about to kill Kate when Jack Bauer and a CTU team entered the house and disabled him with beanbag bullets. They took Mohsen alive, but he swallowed a suicide capsule which he already had prepared in his mouth. Ali was tracked to the mosque soon afterward.

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