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Moira O'Neal was one of the highest-ranking women in the Irish Republican Army.

Before One Shot[]

O'Neal was the architect of numerous terrorist activities in the UK and was connected to many IRA transactions, buying and selling weapons on the black market. Among her known associations were IRA hitman Tim McGinnis, and businessman and IRA supporter Michael Donovan. While working with Donovan, O'Neal hid a copy of his entire database within his own library.

When O'Neal discovered that Donovan wasn't supporting the IRA on moral grounds, but only to enrich himself, she had an epiphany. She suddenly became sick of all the killing she'd lived with her whole life. O'Neal walked into CTU's Division Command and turned herself in, wanting to do the right thing and expose Donovan's immoral dealings.

One Shot[]

Fearing that some of her former associates would try to kill her before she could talk, CTU transferred O'Neal to a safe house in the Arizona desert until the CIA could debrief her. Suspecting the CIA would not share the full report with them, CTU used the time to debrief O'Neal themselves. Jack Bauer, on his first mission with CTU, headed the operation with four Division-assigned agents.

Michael Donovan, working on information secretly fed to him by double-agent Nina Myers, dispatched Tim McGinnis and his crew of assassins to eliminate O'Neal at the safe house. Jack was able to escape with O'Neal as the safe house, and later a gas station, were destroyed by a missile launcher. After a chase across the desert, McGinnis caught up with the two, only to be killed by Bauer.

Moira O'Neal provided CTU with the location of Donovan's hidden database, making it the biggest thing the organization had cracked since its inception.

Memorable quotes[]

  • Moira O'Neal: I've spent literally every day of my adult life trying to kill some of my countrymen because they believe in Jesus the wrong way. And once you get that in your heart, there's no walking away. (One Shot)

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