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The Mojave Desert was located in California, near Los Angeles.

Day 1Edit


Mandy lands in the desert

At the very start of Day 1, Mandy blew up a 747 and escaped with a parachute. She landed in the Mojave Desert, where she hid Martin Belkin's press ID. A bit later, an unknown driver picks her up, and her girlfriend, Bridgit, comes up and takes the ID.

Day 2Edit


A nuclear weapon detonating in the Desert

After it had was determined that the nuclear bomb could not be disarmed, Lynne Kresge and Mike Novick concluded that the least dangerous place for the bomb to detonate was indeed the Mojave Desert. After Jack Bauer left the plane containing the bomb, he landed in the desert, while George Mason died with the bomb a few miles away.

Day 4Edit


Jason and Kelly Girard find Air Force One

Air Force One crashed in the Mojave Desert after it had been attacked by a stealth fighter. Jason Girard and his wife Kelly Girard first found the plane, which contained the nuclear football. Marwan's men quickly arrived on the side, pursuing Jason and Kelly. The next hour, Marwan fled the desert with a helicopter.

Day 5Edit


"Frank Flynn" working in the Mojave desert

Jack Bauer was settled in the town of Mojave after being forced to fake his death to stop being kidnapped by the Chinese. He worked in an oil drilling field under the assumed name of Frank Flynn and stayed in a room owned by Diane Huxley, beside her house. "Frank" began a romantic relationship with her, and tried to act as a father figure for Derek, Diane's son, even though he didn't trust him.

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