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You may be looking for another Moreno.

Moreno was an LAPD officer on duty during Day 5.

Day 5 Edit

Moreno and other law enforcement officers including Powell, guarded the perimeter of 34012 Wilshire Boulevard where David Palmer was assassinated. When Chloe O'Brian drove a van supposedly carrying prime suspect Jack Bauer out of the parking garage and attempted to escape, Moreno was in a police vehicle and intended to get out and stopped her, but closed the door hurriedly before the van hit him. Finally, police officers managed to block the van with two LAPD vehicles.

Later, Moreno and Powell brought an arrested Chloe to FBI agent Jennings, who called CTU Los Angeles director Bill Buchanan and explained that Chloe had been apprehended. Buchanan instructed Jennings to release her first, and Jennings asked Moreno and Powell to remove her handcuffs. Chloe then told Buchanan that Jack was not the real assassin, and Buchanan ordered Jennings to take her back to CTU. ("Day 5: 8:00am-9:00am")

Background information and notes Edit

  • Moreno's name is visible on his name tag.

Live appearances Edit

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