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This article's subject relates to Season 5 of 24.

Moreno was a security guard on duty at the Sunrise Hills Shopping Mall during Day 5.

Day 5[]

During Day 5, Moreno was working security at Sunrise Hills Shopping Mall. At around 2:30pm, Dawn Brigade separatists Polakov and Komar approached the security room with the intention of testing one canister of Sentox nerve agent at the shopping mall. They coerced Jack Bauer (who was undercover as the recently-deceased Jacob Rossler) to knock on the security door to call Moreno, who was observing security cameras. When Jack knocked on the glass, he came out to meet them. Polakov told him they were called to work on the HVAC units. Moreno didn't know about it and asked for some paperwork. Komar then pulled out a pistol from his bag and shot Moreno twice, at 2:30pm, killing him instantly. Komar then dragged his body to the security office and left him there.

Background information and notes[]

  • Herman Chaves was only credited as playing "Mall Security Guard", but the character's name is visible for a few frames on his name tag.

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