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This article's subject relates to Season 7 of 24.

Morgan was a mercenary henchman working under David Emerson during Day 7.

Day 7[]

In the house at 2211 Chesterfield, Morgan contacted two trusted freelancers (ex-Rangers) who could replace Tony Almeida in Emerson's crew. At 11:10am Morgan informed Emerson that both he and Litvak knew them, and recommended that they be brought on. However, Almeida — who had escaped from FBI custody — called Emerson and offered to rejoin the group and also bring in Jack Bauer to replace the wounded Alan Tanner. Almeida considered Morgan "a thug" who shouldn't be permitted to hire replacements. When Emerson told Tony their address, Morgan looked up in disbelief.


Jack holds Morgan at gunpoint

After Almeida and Bauer entered the house in an attempt to re-establish their cover, Morgan and Litvak escorted Jack downstairs into the basement at 11:23am. When Jack realized his life was in danger, he first knocked out Litvak and then quickly took Morgan hostage. Jack pejoratively called Morgan and Litvak "traffic cops", but eventually freed Morgan from gunpoint. Morgan then gave Emerson an ultimatum - either kill Bauer, or he would quit. After a short pause, Emerson shot Morgan three times in the chest at close range, killing him.

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