Morningside Dawn was an eco-terrorism group active during Midnight Sun responsible for numerous acts of vandalism. The group was headed by Kristen Doehring and Chuck Fitzsimmons, and also included Trinetta Anderson and Jim Kuhoric.

Kristen's husband Matt had been the head of environmental group G-PACE. Although the connection between the two groups is not explained more thoroughly than that, Kristen presumably used G-PACE as a front, keeping it respectably mainstream while funneling money and recruiting extremists to Morningside Dawn.

Midnight Sun

Believing him to be sufficiently tested, Trinetta recruited Jack Bauer, who was working undercover as a volunteer with G-PACE in an effort to find that group's connection to Morningside Dawn. Jack's activities with Morningside Dawn included destroying some heavy oil equipment; shooting Chase Edmunds in the back (actually a staged scene to prove his "loyalty" to the cause); and finally, going with Trinetta, Jim, and Jamie David to destroy the oil field under the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge.

Unknown to anyone in Morningside Dawn, Kristen had been paid handsomely to send them to destroy the oil field. She killed Chuck when he discovered that she had also been skimming funds from G-PACE. When she was about to be arrested, she called her backers for help, but was told that her part was over. Whether Morningside Dawn succeeded or not, the trail would lead to the Middle East and push President David Palmer to war.

On Morningside Dawn's final mission, Jack killed Trinetta, Jim and Jamie, and prevented the attack.

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