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Morris O'Brian had previously worked at CTU with his wife, Chloe. The two of them were divorced and Morris left CTU, only to return during the events of Day 5 and continued to work into Day 6.




  • Bachelor of Arts (incomplete) - Oxford University
  • Bachelor of Science (incomplete) - Massachusetts Institute of Technology


  • CTU - Intelligence Agent, Los Angeles Domestic Unit
  • Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, CA - Shoe Salesman
  • CTU - Analyst, Los Angeles Domestic Unit
  • CTU - Analyst, Seattle Domestic Unit
  • MI6 - Senior Analyst
  • MI6 - Junior Analyst
  • Freelance work in intelligence gathering


  • Machine Vision IV, Optimization
  • Systems Analysis, Line Flux Engineering
  • Surveillance and Field Communication, Tracking and Terabit Stream Redundancy
  • TRIAD Terabit
  • Code Designer, Mobus 1 tracking software, 60 bits per second
  • Construction of Praxis Communications system
  • Proficiency in Data Mining, Knowledge-Based Engineering, Networking and Optimization, Security Machine Vision, Computational Complexity, GPS Engineering, Systems Analysis
  • Operational Systems: ZY-Profile Streamed Designs, Global-Pyke and SATCOM Computing Networks

Vanishing Point

Morris provided technical support while undercover with Jack and Curtis Manning at the Cha-Cha Lounge in Las Vegas and the Area 51 assault.

Before Day 5

Morris began his career as a freelance intelligence gatherer, eventually joining MI6, where he worked as both a junior and then senior analyst. Morris then moved to the United States, where he worked for CTU as an Analyst at the Seattle domestic unit of CTU, followed by the Los Angeles domestic unit of CTU.

After his divorce from Chloe O'Brian, Morris quit working in the intelligence industry, and took a job as a shoes salesman at Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills.

Three years prior to Day 6, Morris quit drinking and began attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings with the support of a sponsor, Jeannie Tyler.

Day 5

Morris is brought into CTU.

When Miles Papazian erased a recording that implicated President Charles Logan in the death of President David Palmer, Jack Bauer decided to seek justice by interrogating Logan himself. When Jack asked Chloe O'Brian to gather communication equipment, she told him it wasn't her area. She brought her ex-husband Morris O'Brian into CTU.

When Bill Buchanan learned that Morris was coming into CTU, Chloe told him that Morris was going to attempt to restore the recording, as what Jack was doing is an act of treason. Morris was able to gather everything Jack needed and he dropped it off at a warehouse, and was startled to see President Logan present.

Jack's plan to get Logan to confess failed, as agents stormed the warehouse, but it was soon revealed it was a decoy. First Lady Martha Logan was involved in the plan and she had her husband confess to her, with Chloe afterwards playing this conversation for the Attorney General. As the crisis began to close, Bill gave Chloe a photo of her and Edgar Stiles, and Morris realized he was a close friend. He decided to comfort his ex-wife by taking her on a break to talk.

After Day 5

Due to his help during the end of Day 5, Special Agent in Charge Bill Buchanan decided to bring back Morris on a full-time basis as an analyst at CTU Los Angeles. After comforting Chloe, who had trouble getting over the death of Edgar Stiles (her best friend in CTU), Morris began to develop feelings for her again. However, Chloe had a small fling with another CTU agent, Milo Pressman. In the end Chloe chose Morris, but he held a grudge against Milo.

Day 6

Morris and Chloe find startling information.

As Day 6 began, Morris learned from Chloe that terrorist Abu Fayed was willing to give up Hamri Al-Assad, who was responsible for several attacks that stuck America during the past 11 weeks, in exchange for $25 million and Jack Bauer. Morris tried to comfort Chloe, who was very close to Jack.

When Morris gained access to a non-government satellite, he and Chloe watched Fayed and his men torture Jack. Fayed spotted the satellite and threatened to call off the deal if the satellite wasn't re-positioned. When Bill Buchanan and Nadia Yassir learned what Morris and Chloe did, they threatened to take their jobs, but they couldn't afford it and the situation was able to be fixed. Chloe became horrified, as she soon realized Jack may be dead.

Eventually Jack called CTU to inform them that Fayed was responsible for the attacks, and Assad was innocent. President Wayne Palmer refused to call off the strike. Chloe soon discovered satellite footage of Jack and Assad escaping, and when Fayed began negotiating with the president, everybody realized Jack was right all along. A few hours later, a Suitcase Nuclear Device is set off in Valencia, Los Angeles.

When Morris and Milo's constant feuding became a problem, Chloe took Morris aside and told him that she chose him over Milo, and he mattered to her more. She told him to stop his childish behavior, or she may end up leaving him. When Assad gave the name Dmitri Gredenko to CTU, Chloe and Milo discovered that Gredenko had recent contact with Phillip Bauer, Jack's father. They passed this information off to Bill, who passed it to Jack, who decided to follow up on this lead himself.

Later, Morris was given the task of identifying the engineer that Darren McCarthy intended to send Abu Fayed, but once he learned that his younger brother Timothy had been taken to the hospital as a result of the nuclear fallout, he tried to leave, but Milo and Chloe managed to convince him to stay until he finished his job.

Morris is phoned by Chloe.

After identifying the engineer, Morris immediately left CTU and told Chloe that the face of the engineer would show up in a matter of seconds. When Chloe discovered that Morris was the engineer, she called him and patched Jack through. Jack told Morris to turn around, as McCarthy had doctored the hospital report, and Timothy was fine. While attempting to turn around, McCarthy got out of his car and shot at Morris' windshield. McCarthy threatened to shot Morris if he didn't get out of the car. After shoving Morris into his car, McCarthy's girlfriend Rita drove off.

Morris tried to talk his way out of the situation, tell McCarthy that CTU knew everything about him. Morris then told Rita about McCarthy's involvement with Fayed and the suitcase nukes, information she hadn't obtained. After switching cars, Rita shot McCarthy and pushed him out of the car window. Believing that Rita was helping him, Morris was shocked when he learned the only reason Rita killed McCarthy was so she can have the $7 million to herself.

Rita delivered Morris to 4332 Florence Avenue, where Fayed was waiting. He had his men tortured Morris until he agreed to engineer a device that would arm the nukes. When Fayed began to use a driller for torture, Morris reluctantly agreed to arm the bombs. After building the device, Fayed armed the nukes and ordered his men to kill Morris. Jack and CTU field agents then stormed the apartment and killed all the hostiles. Morris told Jack that Fayed would be able to arm the bombs anytime he wants.

Morris was brought back to CTU and put in medical. He had a hard time getting over his torture from Fayed, and Chloe consoled him. She needed help in tactical for Jack, and Morris insisted she could do it herself. Though she sympathized for Morris, she told him to stop being selfish, stop blaming himself for giving into Fayed's demands, and she then slapped him. Morris decided to return back to work, which is what Chloe thought would be best for Morris.

Morris walks away after drinking whiskey and spitting it out.

When CTU learns the location of Dmitri Gredenko's home, Nadia tells Chloe that she and Morris would handle tactical for Agent Turner and his TAC team. Morris insisted on going for a walk and he asks Chloe to cover for him. Morris ended up going to a convenience store to buy whiskey. He drinks from it, but he spat it out immediately afterwards.

After returning to work, Chloe got an excuse to have a moment of privacy with Morris. She claimed that she can smell the alcohol, but Morris insisted that he spat it out after drinking. Chloe believed him and told him if there was another screw-up, she would tell Buchanan about it. It was then revealed that Morris was an alcoholic and had been sober for three years.

When Morris began to lag in work, Nadia suggested that he should no longer be working. When Bill told Morris to give his workload over to Chloe, Morris insisted that he was able to do his job and could handle it. Buchanan agreed, though Nadia protested against his order. When Morris was going to the bathroom, Chloe barged in and claimed he lied to her. She told him that she spoke to his sponsor Jeannie and she hadn't seen him in three years. Morris told her that he had a different sponsor and Chloe may have been too obsessed over his drinking problems.

After the assassination attempt on President Palmer was announced, Morris focused on relaying chatter from the Russian consulate. He told discovered Intel that indicated that the Russian guards captured an American agent. After Buchanan learned about this, he organized for a special operations team to storm into the consulate and rescue Bauer. He also wanted Consul Markov taken at force, as he was the only one who knew where Gredenko was.

Mike Doyle grabs Morris by the throat.

Shortly after 6pm, Morris got a call from Jack and learned that Jack knew Gredenko's location. When the connection was lost, Morris informed Milo and Chloe about the call. Buchanan decided that it was a primary objective to rescue Bauer from the consulate, and he had this information deliver to the new Director of Field Operations, Mike Doyle. When Doyle later gave Morris an order, Morris refused and gave a sarcastic remark. Doyle grabbed Morris by the throat and gave a speech on his authority to everybody in CTU. Milo later confronted Doyle about not touching his people, and asked if Morris was all right.

After Jack was recovered from the consulate, CTU learned that Gredenko was in the Shadow Valley and was preparing to launch drones. Morris accessed satellite surveillance and learned that Gredenko and Fayed launched a drone before escaping from the valley. Morris was tracking the drone, while General Walsh was sending out F-16s. Morris somehow lost the drones and it was unknown what the drones target was.

When Milo noticed change in Morris' behavior, he was worried that Morris might be drinking and he didn't want him to crash. Milo asked Chloe to check Morris' breath, and Chloe went up to Morris and kissed him. When Morris asked what the kiss was for, Chloe told him she needed to check his breath and she went back to her station. Afterwards, it was revealed that Nadia's system was relaying CTU's satellite to the drone pilot. Buchanan had Morris do a back trace and Morris was able to find a location on the drone pilot.


Morris is shocked when Chloe kisses him, in order for her to check his breath.

When Doyle came into hand with evidence that proved Nadia was innocent and her system was breached, he turned it over to Morris. When Milo learned about the evidence from Connell Johnson, he was convinced Doyle destroyed it in order to avoid being sued by Nadia. It was revealed that Doyle handed it over to Morris, in order to validate that the evidence was reliable. Doyle had Morris submit the evidence to Buchanan, and Nadia was cleared.

When Jack was able to capture Gredenko, CTU used him in order to get Fayed. Morris was a member of the CTU team that kept surveillance on Gredenko. During the sting operation, Gredenko double-crossed CTU and cut off all communications with CTU. Despite Gredenko's attempts to escape with Fayed, CTU was able to capture Fayed. However, Gredenko managed to escape when he double-crossed Fayed.

When interrogation tactics didn't work on Fayed, CTU decided to enter a sting operation. They had undercover agents pose as a terrorist cell, that was sent by General Mohmar Habib. Morris, Chloe, and Milo kept surveillance of the van, but they lost communication when it went under a tunnel. Fayed shot Jamal and killed the other CTU agents before his escape. Jack covertly followed him to his safe house and killed him. CTU was able to use satellite to track the location and the nukes were secured.

After the nukes were secured, the military took over the operation and Buchanan held a meeting. During the meeting, he told CTU personnel that they would have to transfer their Intel over to the military. When Morris went back to his station, he told Chloe that some hacked into his system. Morris revealed that he created a program to moderate his system after Nadia was framed for treason. Morris planned to go to Buchanan with this information, but Chloe confessed that she was the one to hack into his system.

Morris threatens to go to Buchanan if Chloe doesn't.

Chloe explained to Morris that she needed to access his schematic on the suitcase nukes, as Jack needed it. Morris planned on going to Buchanan with this information, but Chloe decided to go to him instead. Bauer was apprehended, but President Palmer agreed to sign off on his operation. The operation would have Bauer exchange a component from the suitcase nukes for Audrey Raines. Once Audrey was safe, Bauer would destroy the component with C4. However, Palmer collapsed during a press conference and Vice President Daniels had the operation shut down.

Shortly after midnight, CTU received a call from Mike Doyle. He reported that Bauer went rogue, and Morris and Chloe tracked the component through the transmitter that was placed in it. While Morris and Chloe tracked Jack, they doved into a small dispute. The dispute escalated into Chloe going to Milo for help, which in turn made Morris jealous. Chloe also made a comment that regarded Morris being responsible for the final 4 suitcase nukes being armed. Morris began to feel remorse and Chloe apologized to him for lashing out. However, Morris realized her statement is what everybody at CTU thought.

When the signal from the component disappeared, Morris came to the assumption that Jack used satellite dishes to cover himself while he removed the tracker. Morris brought his theory to Buchanan and it turned out to be correct, but Doyle was in good pursuit of Bauer. Morris then asked Buchanan if he could be transfered out of comm. Buchanan told Morris that he was one of his best analysts, but he granted the request out of respect. Before Morris was transfered, Buchanan was forced to step down. Nadia was appointed as the Interim Director of CTU, until Division could send over a more suitable replacement. Though CTU was able to save Audrey, Cheng Zhi managed to escape with the sub-circuit board and Jack was placed under arrest.

Morris pleads for Nadia to transfer him out of comm.

Shortly after 1am, Nadia asked to speak with Morris in his office. She told him that his request to be transfered out of com was denied and Morris pleaded he could no longer work with Chloe. He then claimed that Buchanan considered to go forward with the transfer. Nadia sternly stated that Buchanan was no longer in charge of CTU and that Morris would have to put his personal relationship with Chloe aside. Chloe later confronted Morris on his dispute with Nadia. When Morris told Chloe he could no longer be civil towards her, she pleaded that she was sorry for the comment she made early. Morris told her that he wanted to end his romantic relationship with her and Chloe became devastated. She started to shed tears and Morris went back to his station.

When Jack wasn't granted permission to see Audrey, he escaped from custody in order to save Audrey from being administrated drugs that would bring her out of her catatonic state, but could ultimately kill her. Dr. Bradley from Division, ordered a lockdown and Morris used surveillance footage to lock down on Jack's location. After he gave Nadia the location, she ordered Morris to have Chloe work on something. However, Chloe was MIA ever since Morris broke the news of his newfound intentions towards her.

Morris was able to trace Cheng's vehicle to Bloomfield, the location that Audrey gave to CTU. Morris informed Milo on the situation, who asked about his relationship with Chloe. Morris told him that he and Chloe broke up, but would remain on a professional level. He also told Milo that the issue was not his business or concern. When Doyle's team arrived at the site, they discovered it empty and found empty crates of weapons and arsenal. Morris began to scan Bloomfield images and he needed Chloe's support, but she failed to pay attention to him. She helped him out in an obnoxious way and felt guilty for the way she treated him. Morris told her that she didn't owe him an apology, he owed her on. He confessed that the reason why he broke up with her is because of what he did, as he couldn't cope with it. What Chloe said to him early is what everyone, including himself, felt.

Morris glances over at Chloe.

Around 2:42am, CTU communications went down and Morris began to search for the source of it. After the phones went down, a group of Chinese mercenaries infiltrated the building and took the security guards. Zhou gathered everyone around the bullpen and asked for the leader of CTU to reveal themself. Nadia was hesitant to give herself up and Milo decided to step up. After Milo identified himself, Zhou shot and killed him, and then asked for the CTU roster. Eventually the mercenaries captured Jack and Marilyn Bauer, but they failed to capture Josh Bauer, Jack's nephew. When Zhou threatened to kill Marilyn, Josh revealed himself. Afterwards, Morris covered Milo's upper body with a cloth.

After Josh was brought to the underground sewer tunnels, Zhou began to have his men secure the hostage in the conference rooms. Jack felt that the only way to recover the component is if he made a move. Jack and Nadia assaulted the surrounding guards, and Morris assisted. Nadia was nearly killed by one of the Chinese mercenaries, but Doyle and Field Unit Bravo arrived and they took control of the situation. Ben Kram, a supervisor from Division, later arrived at CTU to investigate the security protocol of the building. Kram blamed Nadia for the situation that had escalated and he felt that Buchanan made a foolish decision by leaving his position back to her. Morris confronted Nadia and told her it wasn't her fault on what had happened. He told her that Milo knew what he was doing when he sacrificed himself and he would want Nadia to stay strong and in control.

Phillip Bauer, who was in possession of the FB sub-circuit board, offered to turn over the component in exchange for his grandson and safe passage out of the country. Daniels was forced to comply with his demands and Doyle was ordered to go forward with the exchange. Morris kept satellite surveillance around the area of the meeting place, but Phillip called Doyle and demanded for satellite to be turned off. Morris confirmed to Nadia that Bauer had somehow hacked into CTU's system. Morris turned off satellite coverage, however Phillip didn't have access to the Intel about a tracking device being embedded in Josh's lower right hand arm.

When Nadia and Morris noticed Chloe with a man, Nadia asked for Morris to find out who it was. Morris introduced himself and learned that the man was Stuart Pressman, Milo's brother. He had came to CTU to pick up his brother's belongings and body. Doyle was then injured in the line of duty, as the component hand over to him was a explosive. The hostiles managed to escape with Josh, just at the time Jack and Buchanan arrived at the beach. Jack told Nadia to scan for offshore oil platforms, as his father's company owned oil properties. After Chloe finished with a scan, she went up to Morris and as she walked away, she collapsed. Morris quickly tended to his ex-wife and yelled for help.

Approximately at 5:03am, Chloe was examined at CTU medical. Dr. Hastings suggested that Chloe's collapse was due to dehydration and exhaustion, as she hadn't slept in over 36 hours. Morris wanted to stay with Chloe, but she insisted for him to go back to work. When Morris returned to his station, Nadia had already discovered a decommissioned oil platform, that was leased to Phillip's company. Morris performed a thermal scan and picked up several bodies. He also discovered a boat arrive at the oil rig through satellite feed. Daniels and Secretary of Defense Ethan Kanin decided to initiate an air strike.

Morris called Dr. Hastings and asked about Chloe's condition. Hastings told him that he could only release medical information to member's of Chloe's family. Morris claimed that he was Chloe's husband, but Hastings was well aware that they were divorced. Ten minutes later, Morris discovered that Buchanan and Jack hi-jacked a CTU helicopter. He informed Nadia, who tried to call Bill and Jack back, but they refused. Though the air strike was successful, Jack and Buchanan managed to rescue Josh and they also brought Cheng into their custody. Phillip was killed in the military action and the component was destroyed. Buchanan began to fly back to CTU, but Jack decided to jump in the sea and make himself to shore, as he didn't want to return to CTU.

Since Hastings wouldn't inform him on Chloe's condition, Morris decided to check on her himself. Morris confessed to Chloe that he still loved her and realized he didn't want to let her go until she had collapsed. Chloe then confessed to him that things between them may be different because of her condition. She told Morris that she was pregnant with their child. Though Morris was stunned and surprised at the news, he should a genuine acceptance of the news.

Memorable quotes

  • Chloe O'Brian: Can you do it without talking?
  • Morris O'Brian: I could, but it'd be a terrible waste of my charm.

  • Chloe O'Brian: Morris, what are you doing?
  • Morris O'Brian: Just making your people more efficient.
  • Chloe O'Brian: I noticed you picked the most attractive one.
  • Morris O'Brian: Wrong, you're the most attractive one.

  • Chloe O'Brian: You know this is a really good opportunity for you. Why don't you surprise me and not totally screw it up.
  • Morris O'Brian: Okay, I'm going to pretend this is going to require all my focus and attention even though we both know I can do it in my sleep.

  • Chloe O'Brian: I fit in here fine, there's not reason why you can't.
  • Morris O'Brian: Except I'm not a pretty lady.
  • Chloe O'Brian: What're you talking about?
  • Morris O'Brian: You're a hottie.
  • Chloe O'Brian: No I'm not!
  • Morris O'Brian: Yes you are, deal with it. (touches her posterior)
  • Chloe O'Brian: Morris we're at work!
  • Morris O'Brian: So?
  • Chloe O'Brian: It's... unprofessional.
  • Morris O'Brian: Are you saying you don't like it?

  • Morris O'Brian: You can't expect me to keep working while my little brother is dying in a hospital.

  • Darren McCarthy: Don't listen to him, he's bluffing.
  • Morris O'Brian: So you're not Darren McCarthy? Arms dealer, subcontractor to BXJ technologies?

  • Abu Fayed: We have four bombs left, you're going to help us arm them.
  • Morris O'Brian: Not bloody likely, mate.

  • Morris O'Brian: I just armed three suitcase nukes!

  • Morris O'Brian: What are you doing?
  • Chloe O'Brian: Just checking your breath.
  • Morris O'Brian: Got to love this place.


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Day 5

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