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Mulholland Drive (or Mulholland Avenue) was a winding road in Los Angeles that ran east-west along the spine of the Santa Monica Mountains. It crossed the Interstate 405 at Sepulveda Pass.

On his way from Topanga Canyon to Smiley Lopez's house in Boyle Heights with a meth shipment, Jack Bauer drove east on Mulholland Drive. Later that day, Gabriel Panatello deliberately caused a crash on the 405, a quarter mile before the Mulholland Avenue exit. This was calculated by Zapata, along with five other accidents, to shut down traffic throughout the L.A. area. (Chaos Theory)

During Day 1, Kevin Carroll (posing as Alan York) and Teri Bauer drove along Mulholland Drive, after Kevin claimed they were going to the last known place of Kim Bauer in Bel Air. When they were about a mile east of Coldwater, Teri, who had learned that Carroll was an impostor, asked him to pull over, claiming she needed some air. She then attacked him with a rock and tried to take the car keys, but he threw them into the nearby brush. After knocking him unconscious, Teri tied him to a tree, and called Jamey Farrell for help. However, Jamey was working for Ira Gaines, and sent Charles McLemore and another man to kidnap her and free Kevin. ("Day 1: 6:00am-7:00am")