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This article's subject relates to Season 8 of 24.

Nabeel was a member of President Omar Hassan's security detail.

Day 8[edit | edit source]

Nabeel was present when Tarin Faroush attempted to dissuade President Hassan from arresting the family of Jamot back in the IRK. After Hassan sent Tarin away, he ordered Nabeel to arrange the arrests anyway. Eventually Nabeel arrested Tarin as well, despite their friendship and the protests of Kayla Hassan. Though he was forbidden to do so, Nabeel arranged for Kayla to see Tarin one more time before he was taken to the embassy for interrogation.

While Nabeel was transporting Tarin to the embassy, Tarin managed to uncuff himself. He then drew a concealed gun from the car seats and forced the driver to pull over. Tarin then told Nabeel and the driver to cuff themselves and get in the back of the truck. As they were doing so, Omar Hassan was calling Nabeel, but Tarin didn't let him answer. After locking them in the back of the car, Nabeel overheard Tarin calling Kayla on his cellphone.

Some time later, Rahim found Nabeel and the driver and helped them out of the car. After notifying President Hassan, Nabeel took the phone and told the president about Tarin's conversation with Kayla.

While assisting Jack and Renee in transporting President Hassan to Fort McGuire Air Force Base, Nabeel was the first victim of the ambush of the task force sent by General David Brucker. Nabeel was shot in the back, and ultimately killed.

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