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This article's subject relates to Season 4 of 24.

Nabilla Al-Jamil was a computer sciences doctorate and the girlfriend of Sabir Ardakani during Day 4.

Before Day 4[]

While studying at Berkeley Tech, Nabilla met Sabir Ardakani and they became a couple.

Day 4[]

Her address was 1482 Franklin. She reacted with distress when Sabir stopped returning most of her calls, remained missing for an extended period, and lied about his location. After finding one of his computer files pertaining to a very suspicious microchip, she called in to the authorities to report what she thought might be his involvement with the terrorists of Day 4, and eventually was transferred to Chloe O'Brian at CTU. The chip was discovered to be used exclusively in Legacy nuclear warheads, and Nabilla's suspicion was proven legitimate.

Chloe reluctantly went into the field with field agents Bergen and White and met Nabilla in person. Nabilla was saved by Chloe when a hitman sent by Robert Morrison killed the two field agents and went after Nabilla. Nabilla and Chloe fled to the bulletproof CTU car while the hitman pursued. Chloe killed the hitman with an assault rifle and thus saved Nabilla's life. After 2am, Nabilla was tended to for minor injuries outside her home by the responding medics. Her information later proved to have saved hundreds of thousands of lives as it allowed CTU to locate Lee Jong, which would later allow the interception of the warhead.

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