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Nadia Yassir was the Chief of Staff at CTU Los Angeles during the events of Day 6. She was implicated as a mole and accused of leaking CTU's satellite data to terrorists. However, she was later proven innocent and went back to work. When Bill Buchanan was forced to step down, he was successful in pushing for Nadia to replace him as the Interim Director of CTU. She led CTU for the rest of the day, until Division could send over a replacement.

Before Day 6[]

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Nadia studied at the University of Michigan and gained a Bachelor of Arts in Languages. She then went on to the CIA Academy, before becoming an intelligence agent in the CIA and a Director of Intelligence at CTU Detroit. ( profile)

After the events of Day 5, Nadia was hired to work at CTU Los Angeles. She earned the high-ranking position of Chief of Staff. Shortly after she began her job at CTU she left open the Jarvis firewall on the CTU database. This could have caused her to lose her job but Chloe O'Brian was able to fix her mistake. Chloe later used this information during Day 6 to blackmail Nadia, in order to learn about the condition of Jack Bauer.

Day 6[]

Nadia speaks with Fayed.

As Day 6 began, America was suffering from an 11-week series of terrorist attacks and the only way to stop them was to give into the terrorist's demands. Abu Fayed offered to give up Hamri Al-Assad, the man responsible for the attacks, in exchange for $25 million and Jack Bauer. When Chloe O'Brian learned that Bill Buchanan and Curtis Manning left, Nadia was hesitant to tell Chloe about the exchange.

When Fayed learned that CTU had a live feed of his location, Fayed refused to give up Assad's location unless the satellite was re-positioned. Buchanan and Nadia insisted they didn't have any satellites positioned on the area, but it was revealed Morris O'Brian and Chloe used a non-government satellite to watch Bauer. Buchanan and Nadia ordered them to re-position it and after they did, Fayed gave up Assad's location.

A suitcase nuke then went off in Valencia, and CTU and the White House were terrified to see the sight. The FBI then patched an Islamic phrase to CTU, and Nadia revealed it meant 5 visitors. Assad was brought back to CTU, and Buchanan was very uncomfortable working with him while Nadia gave him a little more comfort.

Nadia is able to increase her access, with help from Milo Pressman.

Nadia was later flagged by Homeland Security, because of the fact she was of Middle Eastern descent. Bill Buchanan was furious about this and he contacted his wife Karen, who was convinced Tom Lennox was behind the whole thing. When Milo Pressman learned about this, he logged Nadia into his account, which could possibly have gotten them both arrested.

When Nadia was informed that Graem Bauer died after being interrogated by Jack, she brought this news to Buchanan. She and Buchanan then forced Chloe to give up her post, as she was making mistakes due to the fact Morris was kidnapped by Darren McCarthy. When Milo was unable to back trace a call, Nadia agreed to bring Chloe back in and she was able to identify Fayed's location.

When CTU learned about the location of Dmitri Gredenko's house from Marilyn Bauer, Nadia put Chloe and Morris on tactical for Agent Hal Turner and the TAC team.

Nadia talks about Morris with Chloe.

When Nadia began to notice that Morris lacked in progress, she confronted Chloe about it, who covered for Morris. Nadia told Chloe that if Morris continued his slow progress, she would consul the situation with Buchanan. While in the Situation Room, Buchanan ordered for Morris to give his workload to Chloe. Morris insisted that he could do his job and Buchanan decided to give him a chance. Nadia protested against the idea, but Buchanan insisted that Morris was capable.

Later, Jack was forced to go into the Russian consulate himself and take suspect Anatoly Markov hostage. When Jack attempted to call CTU with information, he was cut off, and Nadia had Morris look through chatter at the consulate. He discovered that an American agent was captured and Nadia told Buchanan about it.

When someone from the consulate called to speak with Buchanan, Nadia told Buchanan about it. When Buchanan picked up the phone, nobody was there and somebody hung up the phone. When Mike Doyle was brought in as the new Director of Field Operations, Nadia learned that Milo worked with him at CTU Denver. When Nadia asked if he was good, Milo told her Doyle knew what he was doing.

When Nadia learned that Gredenko and Fayed escaped and managed to launch a nuclear drone, she became upset. Milo comforted her about it and Chloe confronted them. She told them she knew about Nadia using Milo's access code. When Milo asked if she was going to turn them in, Chloe told them she wouldn't confront them if she planned on doing that and they needed to be more careful.

Nadia is interrogated by Mike Doyle.

Nadia was later arrested when Chloe found evidence that proved Nadia's system was relaying their satellite to the drone pilot. Doyle and security brought her down to a holding room, and she was interrogated. Doyle became violent with her, and Nadia told him that she had read his file, and knew that he liked enjoyed hurting people and that he "got off on it". When Morris ran a back trace, Milo came into the holding cell and told Doyle that they found the drone pilot. Nadia insisted that she was innocent and Milo had no response, though he was convinced she was. Once Milo left the room, Nadia began to cry.

When Doyle turned over evidence that proved there was a breach of CTU's computers, Nadia was cleared of any charges. Nadia was extremely upset over being falsely accused of being a terrorist, and Buchanan assumed she planned on quitting and taking legal action against Doyle and CTU. Buchanan told Nadia he would do the same, but he needed her during the crisis. Nadia agreed to continue serving as the Chief of Staff of CTU.

Nadia returned to her station after Milo was done setting it up. Milo attempted to apologize to Nadia, but she insisted she didn't want to hear it. Milo grabbed Nadia by the arm and pulled her into a passionate kiss. After the kiss, they both returned to their duties. Then Nadia Yassir openly stated towards the end of the episode, that a relation ship would never work out between them and she doesn't feel the same way. When the 25th Amendment was activated, to see whether or not President Palmer would stay in office, Nadia discussed the matter with Milo. Nadia told Milo that she wanted to forget what happened. When Milo asked directly, she told her it was about the suspicion of being a mole. She also told Milo to forget about the kiss or whatever feelings he had for her because she didn't feel the same way.

Nadia tells Milo to forget about what happened earlier.

Doyle later asked Nadia to come to his office. When Nadia arrived, Doyle argued that his suspicion of her was common sense, not racism or prejudice. Nadia scoffed at that argument. Doyle then told Nadia that there was a breach in her system because of an error made by Milo. He asked Nadia to find evidence that proved it was Milo's fault, and she initially refused. When Doyle told her it would be easier on Milo if she helped him, Nadia agreed.

Nadia distracted Milo by having him check something on her system. She found evidence that proved Milo forgot to change the logs. Doyle altered the logs and covered up Milo's mistake. When Nadia asked why he was protecting Milo, Doyle revealed CTU had a better chance of finding the suitcase nukes if Milo was still on board. Shortly before 10pm, Gredenko was found deceased and Fayed was taken into custody.

When interrogation of Fayed failed, a sting operation was put into place. CTU agents ambushed the CTU vehicle that was transporting Fayed, posing as a terrorist cell sent by General Mohmar Habib. After the ambush, Jack discovered blood on Doyle and Nadia asked if Doyle needed medical attention. Doyle insisted it was just a cut and he was fine. Milo later confronted Nadia about her sudden concern for Doyle. She told him that she just showed concern for a field agent and he wasn't as bad as he thought.

Nadia tells Buchanan about the distress signal she found in General Mohmar Habib's conversation with Fayed.

Fayed agreed to lead the undercover agents to the suitcase nukes once he got confirmation from Habib. He also demanded for a firearm, and Jamal Nasawa gave him one. President Palmer was able to have the call made and Nadia translated the call to CTU, as Habib only spoke Arabic. After the call, Nadia discovered a possible distress signal and informed Buchanan. When Jack learned about it, he attempted to warn the undercover agents, but Fayed shot them all and escaped. Despite Fayed's efforts to escape, Jack covertly followed him to the safehouse and secured the nukes after killing off him and his men.

Later, President Palmer authorized a field operation that would save the life of Audrey Raines. Jack would hand over a component from one of the suitcase nukes to Cheng Zhi that detonate the component with a package of C4. Nadia was put in charge of tracking the component, but Palmer collapsed during a press conference. Vice President Noah Daniels took command of Palmer's post and had CTU shut down the operation. Shortly after 12am, Doyle contacted CTU and revealed that Jack had go rogue.

Doyle came to the assumption that Jack went through freeway 305, as CTU didn't have satellite coverage of that idea. He shared his assumption with Nadia and it was proven to be correct. When Doyle found the CTU vehicle Jack used, Nadia confronted Buchanan to bring him the news. Buchanan spoke with Nadia and he revealed that he had to step down as the CTU Director. Bill told Nadia that she would be appointed as the Interim Director until Division could send over a more permanent replacement. Nadia was tearful and she told Bill he was one of the greatest inspirations she ever had. Bill thanked Nadia for the comment and he was escorted out of the building.

Nadia takes over command at CTU

Nadia made an announcement on the main floor and revealed to CTU personnel that she was taking over. She informed personnel that CTU's objective was the same, to capture Jack Bauer and secure the sub-circuit board. Once Doyle got confirmation that Jack was at the location, Nadia sent back-up tactical units and air support to the area. Though CTU was able to intervene in the exchange, Cheng was able to escape with the component and a CTU chopper was taken out by a hostile. Nadia ordered for Doyle to arrest Jack and bring him back to CTU. Doyle then called Nadia and told her that Audrey was in an unresponsive state. He also revealed that Jack had the entire building wired with a charge of C4 and if he hadn't intervened, the component would have been destroyed. Nadia told Doyle that it was no one's fault but Jack's, as he went against an order from the White House.

Shortly after 1 AM, Nadia asked for Morris to come to her office. She told him that his request for a transfer was denied and they entered into a quarrel. Morris insisted he could no longer have a working relationship with Chloe, and that Buchanan considered his transfer before he stepped down. Nadia advised Morris that she was now in control of CTU and thought she couldn't afford a loss in com. After Nadia dismissed Morris from her office, Dr. Bradley arrived. He was assigned by Division to perform a psychiatric evaluation on Audrey Raines, who was brought down to medical after her arrival to CTU. Nadia told Bradley that she would meet with him in medical shortly.

When Nadia met with Bradley, he revealed that Audrey had a number of bruises and marks on her body, from drugs that the Chinese injected into her. She was in a catatonic state and could perform basic commands, as well as repeat phrases she was told to say. Bradley felt the only way to get information out of her in CTU's time period, would to administrate her with more drugs, that would take her out of her catatonic state. However, there is a risk of death once the drugs are processed into her system. Mike told Nadia that this would the process was a foolish decision, when Jack might be able to get through to her. With Audrey being Bradley's patient, he had authority over her and Nadia wasn't allowed to make the call. Doyle suggested that Nadia would have to oversee authority if she wanted to remain successful as the director of CTU.

Nadia ordered for Dr. Bradley to be brought to her office.

When Jack escaped from custody and took Audrey with him, Bradley initiated a lockdown. Milo expressed his opinion to Nadia that the situation wouldn't have escalated so far if she granted Jack's request to see Audrey. When Doyle arrived on the main floor, Nadia made accusations that he allowed for Jack to overpower him. When Morris was able to track down Jack's location through surveillance footage, Nadia lead Doyle, Bradley, and security down to a lower level room. Once the jammed door was opened, Jack pulled out his firearm and Nadia demanded for him to stand down. When Audrey revealed sensitive information, Bradley suggested that it wasn't key data and that he should still go forward with his procedure. Nadia claimed that she had authority over Audrey, as she was her witness, and Bradley was asked to wait in Nadia's office for her. Audrey was brought back to medical and Jack thanked Nadia for her help. Nadia dismissed Jack back to his office and Doyle got confirmation that Audrey's lead was reliable.

Nadia entered Jack's holding cell and informed him that James Heller left the building with Audrey. Nadia was informed about Heller's plan to pick-up a restraining order against Jack, who asked about the validity of Bloomfield, Audrey's lead. Nadia told Jack that Bloomfield was a copper facility in Jefferson Heights and copper particles were found on Audrey's clothing. When Jack asked to be reinstated, so he could clean up the mess he created, Nadia refused to reinstate him and told him he was still under arrest. She told Jack that he could bring up the issue once the replacement from Division arrived. Nadia then confronted Doyle, who prepared to leave for Bloomfield. She wished him luck and Doyle told her she was doing an excellent job as Interim Director and the component would be recovered, as every available field agent was assigned to look for it. Milo noticed the conversation, to the discomfort of Nadia, and he walked away.

Nadia is horrified over what Zhou will do to Milo.

Doyle and his team striked the location, but it was empty. They discovered empty crates of weapons and military arsenal and Nadia ordered for them to do a full sweep of the building. Doyle suggested that the Chinese must of prepared for an assault. Around 2:39am, Milo confronted Nadia on the progress on Cheng's vehicle. Nadia told him that they didn't have anything yet and as Milo began to walk away, Nadia stopped him. Milo assured her that she didn't need to have the same feelings for him anymore and that she could move on with Doyle. Nadia told him that she didn't know what to feel after the events of the day and before she could explain herself, Milo walked away.

When CTU communications went down, Nadia had Milo discover the source of it. The phones went down as well and a group of Chinese mercenaries infiltrated the building. They took out security and gathered CTU personnel on the main floor. When Zhou Yong, the leader of the group, demanded for CTU's leader, Nadia was hesitant to reveal herself. Just as she worked up the courage to speak, Milo stepped up and identified himself as the "Acting Director" of CTU. Zhou shot and killed Milo, which horrified Nadia. Through the CTU roster, Zhou discovered that Nadia was in charge and he asked her to reveal herself. Zhou forced her to pick up a phone call from Doyle, who asked about him not being able to reach her. Nadia informed him that communications were down and CTU was working at the fastest pace it could.

Nadia is in shock when Milo is killed

After Zhou captured Josh Bauer, he began to have his men bring the hostages to the conference rooms, and Jack told Nadia that they would need to make a move if they wanted to recover the component. Jack and Nadia engaged in a fight with the mercenaries, and Morris assisted. Though Nadia held her own, she was almost killed by one of the mercenaries. He began to choke her, but Mike and Field Unit Bravo arrived and took control of the situation.

Jack told Nadia that he would be set to go once he had a protocol set up. Nadia reminded Jack that he was under arrest, but he requested to be reinstated, as he knew the schematics to the building better than anyone. Nadia heard him out and agreed to have him reinstated. Doyle then asked Nadia what the causality estimate was. She revealed that they only suffered one loss, that of Milo. He asked her if she was all right and Nadia confessed she wasn't. Jack then approached her and told her he was set to go. Nadia handed over her cell phone to Jack, as communications were still down. After Jack and Doyle left, Chloe approached Nadia and told her what she did was brave.

Though Jack was able to rescue his nephew, Cheng successfully escaped and a perimeter was set up. Nadia approached Chloe and asked about the progress on Cheng. Chloe revealed that she didn't have anything and would have more information once satellite feed was up. Ben Kram, a supervisor from Division, then arrived at CTU and revealed that he was assigned to investigate CTU's security protocol. Nadia told Kram that CTU was in recovery process and her personnel didn't have time to answer his questions. Kram responded by telling her he didn't care what she thought and he believed it was a foolish decision for Buchanan to leave his position to Nadia. Nadia sent Kram to one of the conference rooms and he set his investigation up.

Nadia has an emotional conversation with Morris.

Morris approached Nadia and he confided in her that it wasn't her fault that the Chinese took control of CTU. Nadia let herself be the scapegoat and she felt that it was her fault that Milo was killed. Morris told her that Milo knew what he was doing and he would want Nadia to stay strong and in control. Morris then walked away.

Phillip Bauer cut off his ties with the Chinese and he offered to turn over the FB sub-circuit board in exchange for his grandson and safe passage out of the country. After Doyle and Josh arrived at the meeting place, they received a call from Phillip, who demanded for CTU to shut down satellite surveillance of the area. Morris confirmed with Nadia that Phillip had somehow hacked into their system and she ordered for satellite to be turned off. However, Chloe informed Nadia that Phillip didn't have access to the information about a tracking device being embedded into Josh's lower right arm.

Several minutes later, Nadia received a call from Karen Hayes, who asked for the internal deployment grid, in order to track Jack's transport to District. When Nadia asked why Karen needed it, Karen told her that the vice president wanted her to track Jack's movement. After Nadia gave the pass code for the deployment grid to Karen, she was informed about a situation with Marilyn Bauer. Marilyn caused a commotion and demanded to speak with her son. Nadia attempted to calm her down and told Marilyn that Josh was at Division, in order for him to answer questions. Marilyn became hostile and insisted nobody had the right to question her son without a parental figure present. She threatened to involve her lawyers and pick-up a lawsuit against CTU. Nadia ordered for two more security guards to come down to the room and escort Marilyn to a holding cell.

When Nadia noticed Chloe with someone, she asked Morris to find out who it was. Morris greeted the man and confronted Nadia. He revealed to her that the man was Stuart Pressman, Milo's brother. He had come to CTU to pick up his brother's belongings and Milo's body. Nadia introduced herself to Stuart and showed her condolences for Milo's death. When Stuart asked how his brother died, Nadia informed him that he died while saving her life. She noted that Milo was brave, but Stuart insisted against this. He told Nadia that his brother was far from brave and that his sacrifice was an act of love. Chloe then requested to speak with Nadia, who excused herself from the room. Chloe revealed to Nadia that Jack escaped from custody with help from Bill Buchanan, as Karen Hayes gave her husband Jack's location. When Nadia went back into the room, she noticed that Stuart had vanished.

Nadia radioed Doyle and informed him of the situation with Jack and Bill. She told him that she couldn't move in tactical teams, due to Phillip's surveillance of CTU. Doyle then told Nadia that if he saw an opening, he would try to rescue Josh. Nadia told him to not make any moves until the component was secured and Doyle began to have second thoughts about the trade. Ten minutes later, Nadia received a call from Jack. He informed her that the component given to Doyle was forged, as it exploded in his face, and his father's men escaped with Josh in a watercraft. Several minutes later, the trauma team arrived at the beach and came to the conclusion that Doyle will be blind in one, if not both, eyes. Nadia began to feel guilty for Doyle's condition, as it wouldn't have happened if she listened to Jack. Jack then asked Nadia to scan the area for oil platforms, as his father's company had shelter corporations that owned oil properties.

Bill tells Nadia to let Jack go

After Chloe collapsed, Nadia and Morris had to finish the scan for nearby oil platforms. They discovered a decommissioned platform that had been leased by Phillip's company. Morris ran a thermal scan and picked up several bodies. He also used satellite and discovered the arrival of a boat at the oil rig. Nadia informed Jack about it, but Daniels and Secretary of Defense Ethan Kanin decided to go forward with an air strike. Jack and Buchanan went against orders and used a CTU helicopter to arrive at the oil rig. They successfully rescued Josh and also brought Cheng into their custody. They managed to escape right before the F-18's went forward with the attack and Phillip was instantly killed. At approximately 5:48am, Buchanan arrived at CTU with Cheng and Josh. Nadia asked where Jack was and Buchanan confirmed that he didn't want to come back to CTU. He also noted that if Jack didn't want to be found, nobody would ever find him.

Background information and notes[]

  • Nadia is a registered Republican, which makes her the only character to date outside of political office holders and their families to have her political affiliation made known on the show.
  • Nadia is one of seven characters to appear in every episode of their only season. The others are Teri Bauer (Season 1), Chase Edmunds (Season 3), Cole Ortiz (Season 8), Arlo Glass (Season 8), Mark Boudreau (Live Another Day) and Kate Morgan (Live Another Day).
  • Nadia was originally to be called "Natalie Yassir".
  • Nadia is the last Director of CTU LA to be seen on-screen. Howard Gordon has stated his opinion that she was appointed as Bill Buchanan's permanent replacement after the end of Day 6, and held the position until CTU was shut down, which would also make her the last director of that branch in-universe.
  • Nadia is one of five female CTU Directors seen on the show. The other characters are Alberta Green, Erin Driscoll, Michelle Dessler and Chloe O'Brian.

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