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This article's subject relates to Season 4 of 24.

Naseem was a pharmacist and a brother of Dina Araz. He was not involved in the Araz family's terrorist activities and did not believe his nephew Behrooz Araz when he said they had all engaged in criminal acts, including murder.

Day 4[]

During Day 4, Dina was shot in the arm and forced to hide out in a hotel with her son, Behrooz. As Dina's condition worsened, Behrooz decided to go to Lindauer Memorial Hospital, where his uncle Naseem worked, to get some pain medication for her.

When Behrooz asked Naseem for some pain medication, Naseem asked why he needed it, and Behrooz lied about Dina having a bad back. Naseem saw through his lie, but told Behrooz to have a seat in the waiting area. After Naseem went back into his office, he called Navi Araz and told him that Behrooz was at the hospital. Navi, who had been searching for Dina and Behrooz, lied about Behrooz being on drugs and asked Naseem to keep Behrooz at the hospital until he could come pick him up.

After cutting a deal with Jack Bauer, Dina called Behrooz and told him to wait in the Emergency Room for them. Behrooz tried to leave, but Naseem admitted that he'd called Navi and had promised to keep Behrooz with him. Behrooz panicked and ran down into C wing with Naseem chasing him. They turned a corner and ran into Navi. Naseem apologized for letting Behrooz get away. Navi shot Naseem twice in the chest and took Behrooz. Later, when Jack arrived at the hospital to pick up Behrooz, a security guard named James told him that a pharmacist had been shot and killed.

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