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The Natalia K-524 was a Russian Delta IV-Class submarine that was docked in a civilian shipyard at the Port of Los Angeles for inspection by the United States Navy after President Charles Logan and Russian President Yuri Suvarov signed a treaty for shared intelligence. It was armed with 12 Scorpion land-attack missiles, and each contained multiple warheads, one of which could "take out several city blocks".

Day 5[]

Vladimir Bierko bought the schematics for the sub from Joseph Malina, an arms dealer with ties to Henderson. He killed the supervising American officer, Lieutenant Southern, and then dropped the final canister of Sentox nerve gas into the sub, wiping out all but one of the international crew (at least 14 men). He and his men boarded, and after the terrorist technician flushed out the nerve gas, they began to prepare the submarine's missiles for use against American civilian targets.

When CTU found that a signal tube was coming out of the sub, they were connected in to Tim Rooney, the sole survivor of the nerve gas attack. Jack Bauer, Christopher Henderson, and Agent McCullough entered the sub after Jack killed a sentry topside and convinced Rooney to kill an interior guard in order to open a hatch. Jack sent Rooney off, who successfully created a diversion to draw Bierko and two of his men away. Jack killed the technician at the computer and allowed Henderson to start reversing the launch sequence.


Jack kills Bierko's technician

As Jack and McCullough advanced through the sub, McCullough was shot by one of Bierko's separatists. Jack killed that man and then found the penultimate terrorist, and exposed his face to hot steam. As this happened, Bierko approached them and was about to shoot Jack, but Jack got a shot off and hit Bierko in the shoulder, giving him time to kill the man exposed to the steam. He then jumped up to some pipes and got his legs around Bierko's neck and snapped it. As he did this, Henderson finished reversing the launch sequence, and the threat was officially resolved.

On top of the submarine, Henderson attempted to shoot Jack. However, he found that his gun's magazine was empty, and so Jack killed him out of revenge for Henderson's part in the deaths of David Palmer, Tony Almeida, and Michelle Dessler. Rooney being a witness to this.

Background information and notes[]

  • The scenes on the Natalia K-524 were filmed on the U.S. Los Angeles class submarine USS Topeka, docked at Naval Base Point Loma in San Diego. See Season 5 filming locations.

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